The Anime Curriculum- College Edition

It’s that time of the year again, where school is about to begin. The start of many new journies and discoveries in the vastness of familiar and new towns and cities. This year’s anime curriculum is about deep dives into the topics that were introduced as children. Muturity brings a whole new perspective on philosophy, emotional understanding, societial norms, and how creativity and culture create history. Or at least that’s what I’m doing with these blogs.

Requiem of the Rose King

This is basically an advanced course on Shakespeare’s two works Henry the 6th and Richard the 3rd. Given, the main love interests are Richard and Henry. The anime also opens a conversation on Shakespeare’s gender fludity and sexuality with Richard’s character being intersex and Henry being gay. But it wouldn’t Shakespeare without some chaos, as we watch these two swirl in a toxic vortex into insanity while juggling the heirachies of battling kings.

Blue Period

This is a course on the foundation of sketch to paint. As much as it is college prep, it covers the complexities of art composition. It also follows a new artist in a self-discovering journey of how passion becomes a display of art. In this coming-of-age story the lesson is about perseverance and what happens when an artist transforms.

Parallel world Pharmacy

Although this is an issekai about a grown professional pharmacists who is poofed to a fantasy world in the small body of a child lord. He is then gifted with the ability to see the bodily ailments of others and manipulate molecules to create various metals, chemical compounds and liquids. Then single-handedly tries to solve this world’s heathcare system, making quality medicine available for everyone in the kingdom.

Heike Monogatari

This is a study on how stories become legacies as Heike focuses on a very famous Japanese historical fiction. Focusing on the ancient art of traditional Japanese storytelling with it’s art style and music. The anime is edited like a movie and is a great cultural lesson about the spirit of a shogun and the heart of a biwa.

Snow white notes

Is mainly a music anime about a teen who is trying to find his own sound amongst a family of musicians. He leaves his home in the country in search of himself and ends up at a high school on a shamisen team becoming their mentor and inspiration. Like Blue Period, it also is an in-depth study, but instead of art it’s music composition. Shamisen is all about feeling the progression of notes harmonizing and being in sync with one another to transport the audience to a moment in time.

Hope you all enjoyed part 2, the college edition!



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