Top 5 Anime Endings of Summer 2022

Hello and welcome to Otaku Thursday! Recently, I brought to you our top five openings of the Summer 2022 anime season and now it is time to look past the content of the episode to the endings! Today I’m going to be counting down our top five anime endings. Without too much chatter, let’s count em down.

Yurei Deco

5 ) “I’m in LOVE” by Hack’n’Berry, Yurei Deco

Okay, so this is just a ridiculously fun ending. I think the song is super catchy and I love the animation that goes with it. It’s very on-brand for this show and feels very much like a video game. The music is also really well timed with everything going on in this ending, and features all the characters. Super cute, super good, and very fitting for the show.

Lycoris Recoil

4 ) “Hana no Tou” by Sayuri, Lycoris Recoil

The ending of this anime starts out all nice–we get one of our homegirls sitting and doing every day things in her room. There are bright colors, soft lines, a very cute and chill feeling to this ending. But then we like get her drawn beautiful running on what can almost be mistaken as a snowglobe shape, then we see the flashbacks of what happens in the series. Then there’s our other homegirl (who I sincerely hope is the love interest), back in the pastel-like drawings. The ending almost feels dreamlike in contrast to the show, and both Star and I think it’s one of the best visually and musically of this season.

3 ) “Kaerimichi no Iro” by Shibuya HAL, Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting

Yakuza's Guide to Babysitting

This ending is so stinking cute. I love the way that they overlay shadows of the character over the sceneries of the city. The colors are soft for the characters but overlayed over parts of the city with industrial settings, which is like gentleness within a hard canvas–much like our main character himself. It’s also very cute when we see the shadow of Yaeka and Kirishima walking together. Gosh this show is so wholesome.

Shadows House season 2

2 ) “Masquerade” by ClariS, Shadows House Season 2

This beautiful haunting piece feels very Kalafina to me and unique within the season. Maybe it’s because its the only real gothic feeling anime of the season, but I really love how the ending sounds. It’s almost nostalgic of like the feeling of Rozen Maiden, Pandora Hearts, or Vampire Knight. I also really love how it focuses on Barbara and Maryrose as opposed to the main characters. The waltz-like quality to the way the characters carry themselves and the reflections

Summertime Render

1 ) “Shitsuren Song-takusan Kiite, Naite Bakari no Watashi wa Mou” by Riria, Summertime Render

The second ending of the anime is honestly gorgeous. The gentle watercolor images plus the softness of the song creates beautiful imagery and a lovely feeling. It’s in stark contrast to the opening and actual anime–it’s far too calming. It actually reminds me of an ocean’s wave for some reason–like the feeling. I don’t know why, but I really really like it.

There we have them–our top five anime endings for Summer 2022. I think this season was exceptionally hard to choose endings because there were a lot of really good ones, but I’m confident in the ones I chose. But please do let me know what anime endings you liked from this past season. I love hearing other favorites. And more importantly, what anime are you excited about in the fall season? We’ll release a list of what we’ll be watching soon! Til next time.

Stay weebtastic,




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