Birfday Post for Star

IT’S HER BIRTHDAY. That’s right ya’ll–it is Star’s birthday. Well, it was yesterday. While we were ren fairing then, today I am coming at you with our annual fun tidbits (aka hot seat questions) from the beautifully complexed mind with lack of caffeine, Star. So everyone, give her your best wishes, and maybe some pixie dust–but no, not to fly. To help her sleep. She hasn’t slept in years. Okay thanks. Onto, the hot seat questions.

The scene:

Star sits down, staring as at me as she sips from her Bubly. “It’s the peach flavor bubly,” she says as I look at what she’s drinking and try to read the can. She says she considered bringing out a flute cause she’d knew I would do this. She didn’t. She stares at her phone as she waits for me to finish typing. I finish. She nods her consent, and our questioning begins.

1 ) What anime would you make into a dating sim and would you mind being isekai’d into it?

She snickers as I read the question and then gives a large sigh. “Okay. Just so I have the concept right, it’s the anime that would make an otome game to get isekai’d into, right?” I assure her that’s correct. She thinks for several seconds–she is clearly stumped by my prompt. Her hand clenches unconsciously in her lap. She seems stressed. I am proven right moments later when she puts her hands to her face to cover her eyes–looking worn with the world. They move to her forehead, eyes wide, a tight smile on her lips. “Can I come back to it?”

We circle back to the question at the end of all questions. “Into a dating sim…being isekai’d into…” she mutters, her feet twiddling under a leopard print blanket. “No.” She laughs at whatever thoughts fill her head. I look at her, saying nothing. “Just cycling through anime,” she laughs again, perhaps a little nervously this time. Or maybe stressed? The hot seat questions are certainly doing their job. “Really which one would I be isekai’d into cause if I don’t like the world, I don’t wanna be there and the fact it’s an otome game is worse cause I need to want to date these people and the fact I know how these end makes it unfair because I know I’m taking away one character form another character when they should be with so I don’t know.” I understand what she says. It reminds me of an anime last season where the main character shared the same moral dilemma. “Should I list the ones that came to mind? Furuba–that’s mean. Magi–that’s wild. Inuyasha that’s dumb. Hakuoki is already an otome game. And I don’t know if I wanna be in the middle of that either. All the rest just seem like really bad choices. Jyu Oh Sei would kill you. Um. Darling in the Franxx would kill you. 86 would very much kill you or your person would die and you’d have to find a new one which is even worse. Deadman Wonderland is a stupid choice but entertaining. You’ve got to be a masochist or sadist. D.gray man is a mess. Saiyuki almost makes sense but doesn’t. I would just rather there not–actually scratch that. I would rather not know the otome game slash anime but If I had to choose a genre or world type, I think I would wants to be in a wusha or Shinsengumi world in this moment ” At least I know that death is imminent”

2 ) What is your favorite anime trope? Or counterargument – what is the dumbest?

Once again she snickers at my question. “Is that really–I mean, a question worth asking?” I nod, finding it important. “I mean honestly, I’ve written a  blog post about it, but I absolutely hate the hairpin trope.“ I laugh this time. She truly does. For more personal reasons than expected. I ask her about her favorite. “My favorite? Well, that’s the dumbest.” She ensures I know how much she hates hairpins before thinking about her favorite. “Epic love stories. The ones that have struggles start after pivotal moments of their relationship already happened but it just wasn’t important until the present plot.”

3 ) If you could make a podcast about anything anime related, what would it be?

She stretches. She repeats the question. Humming. Pursing her lips, she sits there. “I think it would be fun to summarize episodes or series in the form of a podcast.” I nod. She nods back.

4 ) Now that you have watched some BL– what is your favorite BL dynamic?

She hesitates and cringes heavily. “Oooh. If this were an exam I would straight up fail. Because I don’t know any off the top of my head–dynamics. I might have seen one of each, maybe, but I guess the ones I seemed to have enjoyed the most…” She is thinking again, her expression reminiscent of a bunny. “…Have been based on celebrities or popular people that like each other. I find those really interesting. Does that count? Does it count as a dynamic? I’m not confident in BL dynamics like I said.” I empower her. She knows more than she might know. I ask her to elaborate more on what she means. “Like celebrity and celebrity in particular. I liked it before.” I stare at her pointedly. I make a gentle comment about a real-life pairing. She shrugs with a cheeky smile. “I don’t know what to say.” She laughs. “I mean Yuri on Ice. Banana fish.” I stop her there. Confused about Banana Fish. “Wel,l in Banana Fish it was a commoner story but he–Ash was very famous in the gang world. Everyone knew who he was. That makes him a celebrity.”

5 ) If you could make your OTP come true and kiss in any anime from this past year, who would it be and why?

“From the past year? Aquatope.” She answered so fast. I’m shocked, but also had a feeling it’d be this aquarium show. Shiroi Suna no Aquatope–truly good, but the OTP should’ve been confirmed a couple. A real shame. She continues. “I say that not knowing the result or resolution of Lycoris…” She struggles with the name. I let her for several seconds before filling her in. “Lycoris Recoil.But a close second would be–” She pauses, trying to remember another show. “Wait did they kiss in that show? Can’t remember. Irina because I really liked that show and they are my OTP. But was that last year not this year.” I confirm it was last year. “Oh, so it doesn’t count. That’s it.” With that, we settle on Aquatope–waiting to see what awaits us in Lycoris Recoil.

So now you know all the things you didn’t know you needed to know! Hope this was an entertaining post, and I hope you all wish Star a belated birthday!




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