Top 5 Anime Openings of Summer 2022

It’s that time again — time to count down the top five anime openings of Summer 2022. Because I’m taking some time to seriously prep for Star’s bday, I’m going to keep this post as short and sweet as possible. So let’s count it down — here are our top five openings of the season!

Phantom of the Idol

5 ) “Let’s Zing!” Phantom of the Idol

So this opening is pretty good even though it’s the standard idol anime opening. We have the ZINGS, the main singing duo in the anime, performing the opening–and it’s surprisingly catchy. Catchier than other anime idol openings this year (which is wild).

4 ) “ALIVE” Lycoris Recoil

Lycoris Recoil

Another great opening. This time, we appreciate it for being a good showcase of what the anime is about. We were very iffy about this show at first but it ended up being SO good, and the opening is just as much so.

Summer Time Rendering

3 ) “Natsuyume Noisy” Summer Time Rendering

The second opening of Summer Time Rendering really is representative of what the show has become. It’s action-packed with a catchy song–a lot less mysterious than the first opening.

2 ) “Daten” Call of the Night

Call of the Night

Wow, I really do love this opening. Not only is the song a complete bop, but I just love the animation going on it (well, of the entire show). My favorite part of this is when you think it’s over but it’s really just on a brief pause before it repeats and truly ends. It’s just loads of fun.

1 ) “story” Uncle from Another World

Uncle from Another World

Star and I both agree this is easily number one. Yes, the song is good, but we what like better is how the entire opening is a reference to old games–from the era in which the title character originally got isekai’d from. The fact it incorporates so many different styles is just so cool. Like hands down, well done.

That’s it for our top five openings! Next week I’ll try to bring you our top five endings of the season, and eventually, we’ll count down the top five anime–I’m telling you, the choice is likely going to be hard. Til next time!

Stay weebtastic,



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