First Impression: Teppen!!!!! Laughing til you Cry

So I didn’t think this was an actual thing but for the sake of anime I’m going to let this one go. If there was a school where you can become a host for a show. Much like a comedian, you would be training to be entertaining and funny with the ability to stall for time gracefully by retelliing stories. That is what the anime is all about.

Watch the trailer

There are three main characters for the most part, who are the newest trio to enter the school. There are 5 groups of 3 and each episode focuses on a group or certain members in each group that then becomes a part of a future routine. Each group focuses on certain topics that they find interesting but in a fanatic kind of way. The newest group doesn’t really have theme or topic though since they are still trying to find themselves. So I’m going to summarize it in best way I can, there’s an alien group, a supernatural group, a high class group, an experienced group and the new group.

Art-wise, it’s clean and cute. Their eyes are all unique in shape and color, their hair is designed well and ombre-d well.

Music-wise, it’s catchy and fun to watch. It’s also really colorful and bright. Reminds me a lot of other comedy anime but it’s a majority girl cast without being degen trash wooooo~




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