Day 10: Naruto Headbands in the time of Pumpkins – Life is Hard for Otaku – Anime Halloween Costumes

We’re back! Another day of Otakutober! This one will get you cringing for sure, as we do a deep dive into the best and worst of marketing– I mean, the ever-growing popularity of anime in mainstream media. For this blog, we’ll be splitting it up by costume taking turns as reviewer between Luna and myself, Star. All things you see here can be bought from,, or

Sora from Kingdom Hearts

So I can’t help but laugh when I see this. EVERY time I see this. I keep trying to get people to buy it because I think it’s so funny. Honestly it’s not all that bad. Lots of straps over pants, things that look like zippers but aren’t, gloves are a nice touch, jacket with the reflective strap (not bad for nighttime) I’d give it a 9/10 for attention to detail.


My Hero Academia

This is one step away from just being a jumpsuit lol. JK actually it is a track suit so that is a jumpsuit. It’s probably uncomfortable. It doesn’t necessarily look like great material, but it is pretty damn close to the design of the show.




This is…laughable. Okay no offense to the model but the wig is not doing much for him. The jacket…actually looks decent. Like I would not be mad to wear the jacket. The prop swords…nope. Wig nope. There aren’t even the harness bits on the belt. 5/10



So. Funny thing but as we were looking through the costume pages, it took Star a moment to realize this was Sasuke–I had to point it out! So because of that, I can say this is probably one of the WORST friggin costumes. Like honestly, the shirt is so lazy, the belt is LAZY. Like damn. I could do better with a closet cosplay than this.

2/10 Why two? They got the colors right.



Gotta give it to them to make a professional weeb Naruto jacket with embossed swirl. Seriously that embroddery is what makes this a “meh” to a “yeh”. An actualy funtion jacket? I wonder if it has pockets… I will say though, this is the most basic costume you could choose. And if I see one ninja JUST ONE I will roll my eyes so hard I won’t see straight for a week.



U.A- My Hero Academia

OK. Arguably the best one but also DUH. It’s a blazer–how can you fuck this up?

8/10 for appearance but  7/10 for being too lazy.


Assasin’s creed

The belt is a cope-out. They could have made one. The stitching of it it just to make the lines of the outfit. I honestly don’t know how to feel about that. If you’re going to do hard on the stitching to compensate for the belt, why not just do the belt lol?



Vageta from DBZ

WHY. Why do they have Vegeta and no Goku? Like bruh, this just feels all kinds of wrong lol. It looks like pajamas to be honest. I don’t know why someone thought Vegeta was more popular…is it for the memes?

Anyway 4/10


Riku from Kingdom Hearts 3

So. Again witht the KH again except theh zipper actually works here. I think it’s pretty accurate to the outfit in the game tiwht the weird layers and panels on the upper chest. If only I knew what it was made from…



Karasuno Nishinoya from Haikyu!!

Haikyu!! Karasuno Nishinoya Volleyball Uniform Costume Set

I mean, it’a a gym uniform. It shouldn’t be too hard to mass producce a tee and shorts. The Kanji look clear and the number is visible. I think this is actually pretty good. Definitely one of the best I’ve found so far.



Kaneki Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki Cosplay Mask

Kaneki mask- No…just no. Bruh you can’t just wear the mask and call yourself Kaneki. Let alone the mask looks decent-ish cosplay. You can also buy  this looking way better elsewhere. That lowkey looks like something someone would wear to a dungeon.



Attack on Titian Colossal Titan

Attack On Titan Colossal Titan Mask

Attack on Titan – Damn. This is terrifying. But not in the good way. Actually, I’m not even sure it’s terrifying in the bad way. It’s  just…nasty. It looks like really cheap raw bacon. So good job on being creepy? But also worst AoT titan mask.

So 8/10 for creeping me out but 2/10 for AoT


Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon

Men's Sailor Moon Tuxedo Mask Costume

Honestly, this is not bad. The three piece suit actually looks flexible which means it’s more… realistic. WEIRD. It looks cohesive and the cape is connected to the jacket (as it should be). Honestly well done! But I will say while the gloves are basic the mask is pretty bad.

So I’ll give it a 9/10.


Frieza from Dragonball Z

Dragon Ball Z Frieza Costume

Um… What am I looking at? This is questionable in a lot of ways. How are the boots connected to the rest of the look. Also what is with the cap? Is that a one size fit all? Also the tail. How stable is that?

10/10 confused 5/10 need to see it in person.


Sailor Mercury from Sailor Moon

Sailor Mercury Costume

I’m not gonna lie this looks pretty good. The bow looks a little barbie-esk but the rest of it looks fabulous. Even the rivets on the shoulders and hip. The boots are also well angled and looks well constructred. All there’s left is if the model is uncomfortable. 9/10


Thanks for stopping by! I hope this helps or at lease you got a good laught with all our reviews, we really try you know haha. To give you the most honest feedback you may or may not be ready for.


Stay weebtastic!


YCK, Star & Luna


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