Day 13: Life is Hard for Otaku – How to Host a Halloweeb Party

Welcome my wiccans, wendigos, and weebs and Happy Halloweeb! That’s right, after a grueling 12 days, we are here at last, on the 13th day and the eve of this nerdy festival of spooks and haunts. We have come at you with ghosts, and oni, and anime, and demons–all things that go bump in the night. And while we have thoroughly enjoyed it, we are super excited to finally be on the last day of Otakutober. Today, we decided to do something practical–something useful, so we decided it’s time for a holiday life is hard for otaku post. So today we are going to tell you how to host a Halloweeb party (or at least how we did). Welcome to our final 13 Days of Otakutober post.

1 ) Themes

When it comes to a Halloweeb party — well, a weeb party of any kind — you need to start off with your concept. What is your party? Is there a theme? Star and I didn’t exactly decide on a theme to be honest, we decided it would be a small Halloweeb party where would play movies. At one point, it felt like the theme was ‘welcome to our coven’ as we made witch’s brew for drinks and both went as witches for the day of. But generally, it’d make sense to have a theme.

2 ) The Guest List

What is a Halloweeb party without the weeb? You can choose to implement it in any aspect of it. We chose it as the guest list. That meant we kept it to a small get-together and only invited our weeby or con friends. This worked out well, because not only did they enjoy the decor in our apartment, but we also got to play Animal Crossing with guests, talk about the upcoming and past conventions, and make Anime jokes aplenty. This is an important piece to your Halloweeb party. It makes it even more fun if people come dressed up in anime/video game costumes.

3 ) The Menu

Probably the hardest thing to decide on and the most time dedicated to is obviously the menu. Once you know who is coming, or who you are inviting, you can build a fun menu based on them. We ended up making a plethora of treats including empanads, mummy jalapeno poppers, breadstick snakes, pumpkin curry, and a vast array of other appetizers and treats that looked spooky. Needless to say, we don’t have a ton of letftovers.

4) The Activities

No Halloweeb gathering is complete without activities. So, you can offer some good weeby activities. There’s gaming–you can ask people to bring their handheld game systems or you can break out your own and offer a variety of consoles. Like, if you have VR, you certainly want to bring that out. And if you have a desktop and trust your guests? Bring them over for sure! It’s all great fun. But aside from gaming, you can also do the much more spooky and holiday appropriate activities like play board or card games, or something fun like tarot reading. Obviously we chose a collection of the above.

5 ) The Decorations

We didn’t have as many Halloween specific decorations, but we DO have a weeb decked out living space. From anime figurines, to anime fanart, to photos of cosplayers, to plushies–we didn’t need to have extra decorations. We embody the weeb every day of our lives.

6 ) Costumes!

Nothing is better than wearing your favorite cosplay for Halloween. We love to see and wear anime related costumes–even when they are really awful like in this post. And we love when everyone shows up in cosplay. Or discount cosplay. Or even the cosplays they plan to wear at Kumoricon in like a week. We love to see it all, because the more weeb, te better Halloweeb party.

And if you follow all of this (no you really just need a fraction) than you will end up with a pretty damn good Halloweeb party for all your nerdy friends. Or, at least a fun get-together. I know Star and I certainly had fun, and so did our guests. With such small guest lists, it also really helps the whole pandemic thing–keep it to only a few, who run in the same circle often. I don’t think we would have wanted more than we had to attend, and we very carefully curated the lists. Still, it ended being a super fun time. So I hope you all liked our tips, and thank you for joining us for this year’s 13 Days of Otakutober! We’ll be taking this next Thursday and Sunday off for posting since it’s Kumoricon weekend, but expect us back in no time! I hope you all have a Happy Halloweeb!



Luna (and Star)


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