Alright here we go– Yashahime: Half-demon Princess Ep 1 review

I, Star, had to. It was only right of passage that I write these reviews on this next generation reboot and get feedback from a first time watcher as well as myself. I’ve been given 3 reviews to write, first ep, mid season finale, and full season review. So here we go, the next generation!

I was 11 when I started watching Inuyasha. It was my favorite shit. He was one of my favorite characters and I saved up my money to buy the dvd volumes (3 eps) because it wasn’t airing on TV and streaming services didn’t exist so much in 2007. But I loved the Dub (mostly because I couldn’t stand Inuyasha’s voice in Sub) and I didn’t have permission to be on the computer for very long. I was dedicated ok. And desperate to talk to anyone about it so I introduced it to all my friends and rewatched the first 4 seasons about 5 times. (That’s 110 eps and about 3 movies.) But more somewhere in the 6th season I refused to watch Kikoyo die for the umpteenth time so I never watched The Final Act. Although my friends read the manga and told me the ending. Fast forward 15 years and the announcment was made so about a next generation series so I felt it was time to introduce my preteen sister to what she missed. So…spoilers ahead?

The Art

My sister and I couldn’t get over how cute the children looked. Like a fangirl, I went diving into who they were and what their history was. Twins upon twins, sons and daughters I lost it. Everyone is adorable and I absolutely love our main protagonist. This non-binary badass is the daughter of Lord Almighty Sesshy! I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome! Their design is EVERYTHING. That white suit is FIRE.

And then there’s the other twin. Who wields a lance! Reminding me a lot of the band of seven but this non-binary beauty wears it better.

Then there’s the not so mysterious Moroha, daughter of Inuyasha. Whom seems to be the same bred of spitfire as her father and I love that.

Speaking technical, the art style is way rounder than the original series. Making the characters slightly cuter. It almost reminds me the art from the movies which had the same kind of style choices. It will take a little getting use to but it’s not too distracting.

The Story & Theories

Although I didn’t watch The final Act I was expecting some holes. But this so far is a bit of a back and forth dance. While we fill in 14 or so years of history from what order and how the children were born. Of course, my sister and I are asking the obvious question of who is the mother to our female twin squad?? You’d think there is only one available option -coughRINcough- I don’t want it to be true. Yes, that was the beginning of Sesshy’s change of heart about how he feels about humans but why RIN?? That’s what made him a good dad! And it seems after the our dog demon brothers hashed out their problems, Sesshy seemed to hang out with the crew more. Which only raises more questions.  It can’t be Rin because the girls aren’t born yet. Guessing by the girls ages (14 years old give or take) that would have meant the daughters were born at least 14 or so years past the first episode flashback, which starts us 6 months after Kagome decided to stay in the fedual era. But the real answer to our question is how old are Sango and Miroku’s children in the flashback?

Because we know that little bundle on Sango’s back, joins Kohaku dressed as a slayer.

And point.
(I am very thirsty for Kohaku development. He had an arc that was spread out and not too shown thoughout the series, which sucked because his psychological trauma was incredibly deep and gave us little explanation.)

The Pacing

After some thought while writing this post, I’m starting to think the pacing mirrors early season 2 of the original series as Kagome uncovers the mysteries of the land in which her family’s shrine is built on through everyone’s backstories. Except this time it’s about the origins of these children, their parents’ love stories and who where they are now. Given that demons love an extra long time, I’m a little hesitant to believe everyone’s current ages but my brain can’t take too many theories or else it’ll never leave me and I’ll lose sleep over these fictional characters. (Again.)

The Music

It’s cute! I appreciate the call back to V6’s “Change the world” that lose licensing on Netflix. (So I’ll leave that here for you.). It’s style a boy band but with more modern twist called “New Era” by SixTONES. Which I found to be very fitting of a title.

There is also a nice call back to the first ballad of many in the series for endings. “My will” by Dream being the first and “Break” by Uru.

Overall, I do think the die hards will keep the series going. Being that Rumiko Takahashi is one of the greatest female creators of her time rivaling CLAMP. So I have faith that this series will be just as fulfilling as her other works and I can’t wait to see what this season so have in-store for future. And it obviously appeals to the age group it was made for bringing old and new fans to the series. You can watch it on YouTube, Hulu, Funimation and Crunchyroll (probably gogoanime too). I’m excited to see how the past will unfold for this new squad.



PS Imma cry if it’s Rin.

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