First Impressions: Jujutsu Kaisen

Hello everyone and welcome back to Otaku Thursday! Since we’re in the spooky season this month, I thought it’d only be appropriate to review something that is a lil spooky (you know–as we gear up for Otakutober). So today, I decided to click on a random fall anime that looked spooky. That’s why today we’re going to be talking about an anime I knew nothing about. So strap in, because we’re talking abotu Jujutsu Kaisen today!

Alright so to begin: I have never been so confused but also so down for something before. Jujutsu Kaisen seemed like a normal anime–the description for it was just like — “cool”. Strong guy–paranormal–grandpas! Sounds like a good show, right? Well, that’s kind of what my first impression watching the episode was. Like, first thing that stood out to me was the opening song. The animation was just SO clean. It felt super movie like and just like really sharp and cool. It made me excited for the rest of the episode.

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But then like getting into the episode–I kind of had a hard time following what was happening. Which maybe is on me for watching this while being hella tired from my work shift, but also like–despite being confused I was really entertained and absolutely enjoying what I was seeing on screen. The animation, just like the animation in the opening, was super great. I checked and this is yet another MAPPA production so that made perfect sense for why it was good. Aside from the animation though, I actually really like the MC here. Don’t ask me his name cause I can’t tell you, but I do like pinkhead. I was kind of expecting him to be generic anime protagonist number 3, but he was much more delightful than that. Now when I say protag number 3, I mean like–OP, smart, confident, maybe a little lazy– pretty normal and the likes. Yeah he wasn’t smart, more lazy than I thought, but overall remarkably likeable. Like yes he is OP, but he very much does not make a big deal out of it. I especially like how not only does he just blatantly devour a demon finger, but then when he seemingly gets taken over by said demon’s consciousness, he literally so fucking calmly tells the demon he can’t take over his body that I straight up applauded.

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In terms of other things for this episode? Well, sorcerer/exorcist seems cool. Can’t wait to see his friendship rivalry with MC demon boy. The monster/demon animations are awesome. OH! And goodbye grandpa! Why did I think that the grandpa was gonna last longer than an episode? But like hot damn, I was like –ah I like this grandpa. He’s spunky. Oh. He dead now. I kinda wonder if this first episode was like a flashback in a way–like we only saw half the story. I don’t know. But I’m on board for more of it.

So what were my first impressions? Well, it certainly left an impression. After watching just the one episode, I’m interested enough to keep watching, I just know we’re still getting all that vital information to put together a full picture. But this MC? I’m so for him. If anything, watch this for him.

Anyway, that is all for today! I’m definitely adding this to my watch list for this season, and I feel like it’s gonna be another great MAPPA production. Do I think it will be best of season? Nah–it doesn’t give off those vibes. But it has plenty of time to change my mind. So I would absolutely recommend you give this a try. It seems like it’s gonna be good.

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