Star’s experience in Psychological thrillers- Kakeguri

So I recently caught up with season 2 and I’m feeling a little empty? I don’t know. Let’s get this game started shall we!

KAKEGURUI - Cringe o geniale? (feat Mareval)
Steam Community :: :: Yumeko Jabami

I wanna start with how much I love this beetch. She’s very entertaining because she’s so crazy. But I have to say her courage is inspiring. What I mean by courage is just gambling. Her gambling is inspiring. I guess if it’s your fetish then she probably doesn’t look at it as being inspiring but she really is incredible. Her willingness to win and her attitude for losing is honestly incredible. But I guess that’s what true passion looks like.

Artistically though I’m incredibly impressed. It is honestly a beautiful rendition of the story from an animated POV. From the poses to the dark beauty of the games they play I couldn’t help but keep watching. There hasn’t been much talk about a third season even though the second season left us on a cliffhanger let’s hope we get more -fingers crossed-.

Ryota suzui | Wiki | Anime Amino

On another note, there’s been some talk about Kakeguri being a harem. I find that interesting. Because if it was it definitely wouldn’t be your average harem. In fact it’s closer to a reverse harem than anything. Even though the series is naratored by this manslave. But let’s be real, he’s the jiminy cricket for her but she DOES NOT listen. (Makes it more exciting that way.) Back to the point I was trying to make, this became more and more apparent that majority of the highest gamblers were women. And those women often admired each other to the point of obsession and infatuation. If it was any less of a psychological thriller, it’d be a sports anime (KIDDING) it’d be a Yuri.

There definitely was a point where I started to feel nervous about the games as I watched. But as the games started to get more complicated they started to lose me a little. So I felt less nervous and more confused but again I found myself distracted by pretty hair and sparkly, watery eyes.

Anyways, I really enjoyed season 1 and I would recommend not watching season 2 if unfinished animes make you sad, angry, or depressed. If you’re a game lover, high stakes gambler, or a sadist, I would recommend watching everything that is out.

PS I couldn’t watch the live action. I just couldn’t.




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