Continuing Yashahime- Mid season check in

This is part 2 of my Yashahime series blogs! This time I, Star, will explain a little more about the difference between noobs and seasoned fans of Inuyasha and what an experience Yashahime has been. This blog is based after the first 12 episodes and it’s spoiler free!

Yashahime: Princess Half Demon Reveals English Dub Preview - Flipboard

As a noob

It’s not a necessary need to watch all of Inuyasha in order to understand or enjoy Yashahime. In fact, if you are itching for more story I would suggest watching Inuyasha from episode 1-30. Although there is a lot more plot that happens after that mark, I would say it’s a good introduction to the characters. It’s fun to too the family resemblance and a whole lot less stressful when you don’t know who is who’s parent. Not to mention the more modern spin on gender non-conforming characters and a full cast of female/non-binary leads. With that being said, I want to also address a certain amount of comments in the forums about things not happening fast enough in the plot. Reason being, the show is cut and directed in the style of old Samurai tv shows. The setting is feudal japan, so let’s not forget that it’s a sort of homage to that sort of style and formula.

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As a seasoned fan

Honestly, I’m impressed. It managed to keep the same kind of feel that the original had in terms of storytelling and direction. The OST has beautiful and subtle changes to separate the difference between the old and the new themes. I also found it cute that they mirrored the opening and ending songs in tone of the original series. (Let’s just hope they have and can keep the rights to opening song this time. -coughNETFLIXcough-) Almost like a reboot it uses the same themes as the first one but with a slight change in artistic style. The characters are slightly more rounded and less defined. Personally, I like the older style better but that doesn’t mean I dislike the change by any means. In my hype blog (Part 1), I break down a lot of my thoughts about the plot and how much I love the non-binary characters so I won’t get into that again. But it’s honestly refreshing to see a group of strong protagonists that younger viewers could look up to.

So to say the least, I love watching the series with newcomers and talking about the plot holes with the long time fans. But are humbling experiences for any Inuyasha lover. Revisiting the OG series has also been a blast and I would definitely recommend watching both the series and the movies just to set the scene and serve as a point of reference for Yashahime. I am enjoying putting the pieces together though, and maybe that’s because I’m a little mashocistic haha 😛



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