2020 Recap, Shout-outs and 2021 Resolutions

Favorite Bloggers and Blog of the year

Traditional Catholic Weeb (Most comments received) 

Karandi & Irina (Still here) 

Eggsandwich04 (Gave the most likes) 

Pinkie (Most creative questions asked)

Best New Blog we found

Blerdy Otome

Mistress of Yaoi- Yaoi Playground


Our most liked Blog Post

Otaku Thursday: Anime Related Youtubers to Watch (14)

Our most viewed Blog Post

COMMIT ARSON – Luna’s experience with Promare *spoilers* (200)

Luna’s Thoughts on Weathering with You (175)

How to spot a Weeb 101 (108)

Welcome 52 new followers who joined us on WP this year!!!

-hands you all members only jackets and pins-.

…we also watched 88% of all the anime that was released this year…

Some other stats

Some other noteworthy achievements, this year was actually pretty hyped for us. We started off the year with  500 likes on We be Bloggin’ on January 16th 2020. Then 10 months later on November 23rd, 2020 we received 1k likes on We be Bloggin’ which was a HUGE surprise! But not as huge as being liked by Cloverworks Global on Twitter a mere 3 days later! We also added some pretty fun and successful annual events for the summer, Hotsui Matsuri and Niji Nights to our additional holiday events.

Resolutions 2021

Being that this was one of the worst years in history of the human race, we actually managed to complete our resolutions. 


Kumoricon Features a YCK show on their Twitch channel.


Starting a Podcast & Youtube.


Reblog other bloggers adding an additional day to our schedule.

Going back to our roots

Reboot of our comic for digital enjoyment.

Lastly, we need to keep up with our goals from last year and continue to deliver our best content here at We be Bloggin’ and Sincerely, YCK

Thank you so much to all our lovely blogger friends, followers, weebs, and otaku alike for sticking with us this past year! We look forward to spending 2021 with you all and sharing more of our weeby world.

Stay weebtastic,


Star & Luna (You Can’t Know!)


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