12th Day of Weebsmas: Weebsmas Wishes from us to you

Hey everyone! I hope you enjoyed this years Weebsmas festivities! We did our best to keep you all entertained during this quarantined holiday time by gifting you some humor along our usual holiday content. Of course our holiday marathon continues and I’ll break it down for you in just a moment.

First off, we managed to cater to the suffering and comfort with our recommendations. Filling the need to take out aggression on the frustrations of the year to feel good stories that soothed our hearts. (I, Stat indulged in a good mix of them myself this year.)

Being Anibloggers on reviews and recommendations we make it our mission to bring our readers joy and honesty. AS well as how to spice up your life one weeby blog at a time. So with that being said…

Now it’s time for the long haul as we decide our year’s favorites with our own Anime Awards as well as our goals for next year! In the meantime, if you missed on some of our days, check them out, watch some anime and hold we have a lot coming at you!

With titles we bring to you and your fam, we wish a merry weebsmas and happy new year~


Stay Weebtastic!



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