What is an Egirl? What is an Eboy?- Definition explained

Let me start by saying the term has evolved over time and I couldn’t quite grasp the meaning even after various internet searches. So there was no way around it, I, Star, had to dive head first into the culture to understand the exact definition of Eculture.

An e-girl is a “category” word: it’s used to assemble many different specific types of girls that fit into a certain specific trend or “type”. There’s many mainstream/commonly known types of e-girls, for example:
1- the emo e-girl
2- the tiktok/vsco e-girl (can also be know as the aesthetic e-girl)
3- the gamer e-girl
4- the artsy e-girl

E-girl is also a term that has been derived to something pretty negative. It’s often used as an insult to popular/attractive women on streaming or gamer sites like TikTok or Discord. It’s also been perceived as “thot” or “internet slut“, per what people have been using the term as.

Izzy the weeboo from Urban Dictionary

Out of all the definitions this one is the most accurate to the term. In my experience, an Egirl/Eboy is not just one kind of person on one kind of media, they thrive on social media and streamer sites in various different forms. They are also often confused with Ethot, biggest difference being that Ethot is like one of the other kinds of Egirl/Eboy but they are about NSFW (not safe for work) content. (Just so we’re clear, SFW content is bikini coverage. All private areas covered. Anything that is sexually explicit or full nudity is considered NSFW content in most workplaces.)

Not all Egirls/Eboys sell content. But they do get a lot of offers. The ones that do sell content can be anywhere from videos to photosets similar to cosplayers with fansigns and photobooks. All of which is ranging from cute poses to lewd poses. One thing I would like to mention is Egirls/Eboys are more likely to wear street clothes in their photos like a Cosplayer in cosplay but they show off color schemes that they love and sometimes attach filters and hold props to emphasis their genre.

All in all the Egirl/Eboy community is very nice, sweet people so if you think you can slid into the DMs of one of these cute adorable souls please treat them with respect. They are people and read their bios before flirting, KAY. KAY. It’s best to ask if they are selling content before asking for selfies or vid calls for free.

Practice Etiquette everyone!




9 thoughts on “What is an Egirl? What is an Eboy?- Definition explained

    1. I 100% agree. I think that the over sexualization that happens in the ecommunity involving minors is very disheartening. They are also subjected to a lot of cyberbullying and harrasment as well. That can really affect the psyche of a young mind.

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