It’s the 2022 Recap, past resolutions and what we have planned for 2023!

Hey readers and Satelittes! We have a lot of plans this year to expand in a greater way than we have before! So let’s get into it! We watched 48% of the anime that came out this year… But hey, we watched more anime is total then we did last year! A lot of the series that released were continnuous seasons of shows we don’t watch or shows we don’t care for.

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Record number of concerts:

Thuy, Miyavi, Mark Tuan, Keshi, One OK Rock


We did launch our podcast! We didn’t get to posting a whole lot but speaking honestly, the concept wasn’t completely solid. We hadn’t quite decided what we were doing but we eventually decided that it should be a whole different creature as we expand into other aspects of being a weeb. That means we cover more than just anime! We will dive into dramas, movies, celeberties, music and cover topics that go under the surface of Asia media. In the meantime while we build up content, we’ll be back-logging old episodes of what we did with Kumoricon on Twitch and eventually post the visual components on our youtube channel.

So about our comic… We tried to take turns. It didn’t work out, mainly because it wasn’t consistant. which just meant that it was never going to pick up traction. Regardless, we are glad we did it! It helped us learn what that truly meant to draw an indie comic and post online. Which jsut meant, we can do better with a prohect that means more! For years, we had an idea of drawing and telling a parody of Lord of the Flies but never found a platform that could work. So here we are! It’s been a year and conceptually we are finally there. With some tweaking and color practice it’ll be a full-fedged beast. We’ll open a patreon for extra content, a tiktok to make jokes on and of course publishing on webtoon and tapas.

Sincerely, YCK went on a hiatus. Honestly, it got overwhelming and diffcult to split the work in terms of blogging. So we decided to simplify it down to just food reveiws. Then start posting our adventures on Tiktok. Filming ended up being much easier to grow collect content and post together.

The End of the Era

So we’ve noticed anibloggers are slowly leaving the wordpress space and moving into the braodcasting or visual platforms. This has definitely effected our viewership numbers as well as our socials. (Makes sense, we’re all focusing on other things.) So although we are sad to see our buddies go, we will continue to deliver the Anime/Japanese culture goods inbetween our random adventuring and consistent drawing. Don’t you worry our little sattelites, we will keep writing!

And that’s all for now!

Stay Weebtastic!




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