Weebsmas Day 5: Wintertime Anime Conventions

On the fifth day of Weebsmas, your best girl gives to you–wintertime anime cons you may or may not be able to go to. Yes, today I’ve decided to do some research into some wintertime anime conventions that take place in December. A lot of cons tend to happen in the spring and summer, but there’s always room for Weebsmas holiday cosplays, so here’s a list of a few cons you can show off your masterpieces in.

Holiday Matsuri

This is for all Americans out there–primarily ones residing in Florida. I think this is actually a pretty large con that gets a lot of really big talents. Especially really big cosplayers from all over the place. I’ve never been, but one day Star and I would like to go. This year, Holiday Matsuri took place in Orlando, Florida from December 16-18. So it is a three-day con (the standard).

Anime Winter Festa

If you’re looking for something a little more international, we have recently heard of this convention that takes place in Jamaica. It is a one-day convention and honestly sounds like a blast. While it doesn’t sound like a super thorough or typical con, it does advertise free shots which is kinda great actually. Sounds like a great way to spend the Christmas season.

Anime K-Pop & Gaming Festival

Now, this also looks like a super legit and really cool convention that happens in–NEW ZEALAND. This looks like it’s a weekend convention, so it is once less day than the typical three-day conventions I’m used to. However, it looks lit. The sponsors are amazing, the location is great. One day I truly hope Star and I manage to make it to this con.

EOY J-Culture Festival

Yet another convention I really want to attend. But the reason why I’d like to go one day is not only because it’s in Singapore, but because this has a heavy focus on Japanese culture and anime. It makes it feel like a well-rounded experience that stands out from your typical anime convention. This year it took place on the 24th-25th so it will be directly on Christmas. This makes sense because not everyone celebrates Christmas, but everyone can celebrate Weebsmas together.


Okay, but what is with this con title? No hatred but so amusing! This con is three days and takes place in Texas and again, is booking pretty good talents–though mostly American it seems while others do more international guests.

Well, those are the winter anime conventions that I’ve learned of. Many of them I would love to go to but have never actually been to. I really like the idea of winter anime conventions because there are some really elaborate and comfy cosplays that just aren’t fit for the warmer seasons. So, if you’re looking for a con to go to this season, and don’t mind going international, I hope you’ll find this listing sort of helpful.

Stay weebtastic!




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