Weebsmas Day 4: Holiday-Themed Anime Promo

It’s the 4th day of weebsmas and honestly I, Star, am shocked that we haven’t done this yet and it’s been around forever! For those of you who are just getting into anime, this is something that studios love to do around the holidays. It’s usually for promotions of their upcoming or current shows but some artists take it as an opportunity to draw some possible cannon images of characters celebrating the holidays. So here’s some I found the need to share haha

Sword Art Online

Sasaki x Ayano

Lucky Star


FREE! Iwatibi swim club

Bungou Stray dogs

Sk8 the infinity
Oh my Goddess!

R.O.D TV series

Fruits Basket Old
Fruits basket New

Demon Slayer

Jujutsu Kaisen

That’s all for now! See you in another day of weebsmas!


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