Weebsmas Day 3: Mystic Messenger Holiday DLC

On the third day of Weebsmas I-I became a mystic mess once again.

Mystic Messenger Holiday DLC

Mystic Messenger Holiday DLC

Well, I’m sort of kidding. I wouldn’t fully describe myself as a Mystic Mess but I did decide to get back into Mystic Messenger for exactly two days. For those of you who don’t know, Mystic Messenger is a ‘groundbreaking’ otome game that was created by Korean company Cheritz. Mystic Messenger was a free app for smartphone users and used text and phone call functions as part of the story. You’d enter chat rooms that would pop during the day and feature some or all of the characters and you’d have responses to them, like any other otome game. Then they would occasionally follow up with a text or a call–which most of the time had little to do with the story. Sometimes they’d call or text about important things, other times just to say good night or make sure you ate. It was a very interesting game that drew both Star and I–along with a plethora of other people. For this Weebsmas season, I decided to pick it up for the first time in years so that I could play their short Christmas Holiday DLC. Now, I’ve played the DLC all the way through–I’ve finished every route. But since it’s been so long, I was curious to see which route I’d ‘naturally’ end up on.

Mystic Messenger
Holiday DLC

So cue me, opening up this app to play this two day event. Now, the Christmas DLC takes place on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. There’s like a Christmas Charity event that Jaehee and Yoosung are putting on with V, Zen is doing an acting thing, and I honestly forget what Jumin is doing during the holidays. And Seven is like being mysterious and hating the holidays. V and Saeran are unattainable in this DLC, which honestly feels like a crime because now that we have their routes, I’d really like if they were added to the holiday episodes. Or at least to have new holiday episodes for them.

Anyway, almost immediately when I played the Christmas DLC again, I realized two things: number one–Mystic Messenger is incredibly cringe. I almost forgot how cringey it was. And then number two: the Christmas DLC was made for people who don’t sleep. No seriously–while the regular game tends to happen over time, with the majority of conversations during the day–the same cannot be said about the holiday DLC. In an incredibly irritating fashion, SO much of the first day of conversation happens at night. Particuarly from like 10pm-4am. While I would normally forgive this, that means it leaves little opportunity to interact with the characters and have a fair chance at all of their routes. Mainly because some characters have more chats during the day and others more at night. It also makes it incredibly hard to even accumulate enough to get hearts. If you miss most of the night, you literally need to answer every day chat and REALLY cater your answers for a route. I personally tried to not cater my answers and just do whatever sounded natural. I was extremely lucky to be able to actually get on a route in general, and my words brought me to Jaehee’s route.

Mystic Messenger
Jaehee Kang
Holiday DLC

Now, I found this funny because in the past when playing the Christmas DLC–I’d always end up on either Jaehee or Yoosung’s route. I think this is because they both are working during the holidays so I felt bad for them. Jaehee’s route is a lot about supporting her while she has to work for the holidays, but it features some really sweet moments. BUt I feel that about most of the routes. Again, it’s just a matter of committing yourself to actually trying to get on one. But hey–at least you get one really nice Christmas photo at the end of the DLC, no matter which route you get on. Jaehee’s is absolutely adorable–we love to see her in a homey dress with a bouquet.

All of the DLC also have suprsingly bittersweet but overall tear jerking storylines. It really feels like something to play when you’re all alone on Christmas Eve. I don’t mean that in a meme-y, joking, or rude way. I actually mean that in that it makes a great companion. It will make you feel less alone, lonely all over again, and then reward you with someone special in the form of a good ending. If you have the love and patience to get a good ending.

Overall, me playing this DLC again was less enjoyable than I thought. I originally thought that I would have a lot of fun replaying this. But it was just like, only okay. I do enjoy the stories and character for nostalgia, but I also think that it just was so much more of a hassle to finish the story. Star and I are grown ass adults and sometimes you just don’t want to wake up at 2am to enter a chat room with two characters, just to ensure you have enough hearts to be on their route. If it came to it, I’d now rather play a pc otome game I could take at my own pace. Still, I’m glad I revisited it though–if anything, it always feels like connecting with old friends.




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