Weebsmas Day 2: Our Weebsmas Wishlist

On the second day of Weebsmas my best girl gave to me~ I mean, she asked me and I gave her a wishlist haha! Anyways it’s highly unlikely that these will come true but you never know, that’s the point of a wishlist right?

Dance Dance Danseur season 2

This ballet-focused anime really deserves a second season. It was really just the start of the story and I want to see the MC grow, as well as the other dancers.

Kageki Shoujo season 2

No, this list will not just be anime that deserve second seasons but yes we will absolutely riot if Kageki Shoujo doesn’t return to continue this beautiful female acting troupe story.

Vanitas no Carte Manga to return from hiatus

Now, I’m putting this because not only was this the highlight of my months before but also because the anime in its current form has caught up with all the manga chapters. So…please. PLEASE come off hiatus.

To Know What Happened to Lavi

SERIOUSLY. It has been like four years. I know it updates only twice a year but c’mon. I need to know what happened to him.

One Yuri Love Story

We just one like super solid Yuri that is well-loved and a hit. There is so much Yaoi BL. Preferably, that’d be in the form of Birdie Wing but honestly, we’ll accept anything.

Subbing of the Dakaichi Movie

This is mostly for Star, and somewhat for me. We both want to see this movie. It’s been like a year since it was supposed to be available but I haven’t seen the subbed version. Sad.

An Official Translation of Faraway Wanderers

AKA the webnovel that was adapted into Word of Honor. We just started this live-action show and honestly are over halfway through it in a week. I saw there was no official translation so I really want Seven Seas or another publishing house to pick it up and translate it. Please.

Onward to another day of Weebsmas, Stay weebtastic!




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