Representation! Characters of Color– An Appreciation Post

Hey! It’s time we write a post about BIPOC characters in Anime! Honestly, it’s surprising we didn’t already have a post so what better time than the last day of Black History Month! Although our focus will be Black and Brown characters in this series of posts since the majority of characters are of Asian descent (because we all know how much we love the nihonjin flare). Here you are with 10 of our favorites that we’d like to mention.

Abigail Jones

Great Pretender on Netflix

(Great Pretenders)

Abigail was bred to be a child soldier in Iraq after losing her parents in an attack on her hometown. She also has an incredibly emotional breakthrough in the series as she learns to maneuver her PTSD. She also represents a whole slew of women who face PTSD in the armed forces as well as an incredible actor 😉


Ah My goddess

(Oh/Ah My Goddess!)

Was actually a design choice, since she (and her sisters) are based after The Norns of Norse Mythology or The Fates of Greek Mythology. She also is the oldest of the sisters representing the past and within the series she often gives Keichi life advice in the most entertaining of ways. Also a style icon and an incredibly confident character.


Michiko Malandro

(Machiko to Hatchin)

Is an African-Brazilian ex-convict who lives the gangsta life. She rides a motorbike and wears big sunglasses, thick chains, short shorts, and honestly has so much BDE it’s incredible. She’s a Savage. Ratchet. Bougie. Classy. Sassy, moody, nasty. What more could you ask for?



Full Metal Alchemist (The first TV series)

For those of you that only watched Brotherhood, this controversy was lost to you. Although, Rose was originally a white character in the manga, they chose to draw her as a colored character. Given her character was from a desert-like climate, it only made sense that her skin would naturally be darker. You can imagine the disappointment that swept when the remake followed the plot of the manga but chose NOT to keep this change. Way to go leaps forwards and miles back.


Carole and Tuesday on Netflix

(Carole and Tuesday)

This inspiring character could see past all the things that made her different from her friend and used their combined passion to make meaningful content. Being that they were the first in a long time to make music acoustically, they also came from completely different backgrounds and used their platform to make change. It’s so beautiful, y’all.


Cain from Banana fish

(Banana Fish)

Leader of Black gang in Harlem. He’s really earnest and loyal as well as being a supportive comrade in the battle against the Mafia. In a way he showed maturity as well as being a fearsome, gun wielding gangsta all while being respectful and caring to the people around him. What a leader.


Afro Samurai | Netflix

(Afro Samurai)

This character brought a lot of attention to the black community in the early 2000s. Also smashing two completely different cultures together to create such a strong badass character was phenomenal. He became a legend and allowed the black community to be seen, for once, on a popular TV channel (adult swim). Generationally he introduced anime to A LOT of blerds being the the English cast was voiced by legendary American actors like Samuel L Jackson, Lucy Liu.


Agil SAO

(Sword Art Online)

For a side character, he does not get as much credit or screen time as he deserves, being the only non-harem (-coughAdultcough-) character. He’s also give Kirito A LOT of breaks. Honestly, he might be one of the best supporting characters towards Kirito since he was there from the beginning.

Atem aka the Pharaoh

Atem / Pharaoh | Yu-Gi-Oh!


The King of games but unfortunately white-washed for the plot. But during the last season we finally see him in the shade he should be. If it wasn’t for Atem he wouldn’t have gotten that far. He also pushed Yugi to do better and challenge himself, essentially igniting the fire of passion that Yugi had for the game. Not to mention he is a crazy MOFO and pretty attractive.

Stay Weebtastic!



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