What some people do for money and fame– First impressions Akudama Drive

Akudama Drive (TV Series 2020– )
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Setting is a cyberpunk Japan following a group of unlikely criminals all connected by a mysterious bounty to save another criminal that was commissioned by a cat. It’s dark themed with a comedic undertone. The story is fast paced and pretty bloody.

The art style is edgy, with a little bit of CG. But it uses a Blade Runner like transition with good cuts. With a comic book like action panel style. It’s a darker-toned anime but doesn’t lack in lighting or highlights. Action is easy enough to follow. The use of highlights and shadow are spectacular.

The opening song doesn’t make much sense. But the visuals are very pretty. It well represents what the anime is about. I also think that the opening has some hidden foreshadowing.

The ending song calls back to the official art. In a pencil sketch style. The songs tone matches the art pretty well. I also enjoy that the visuals all relate to the characters best attributes.

Honestly, I’m thoroughly entertained by all this! I really enjoy the action and the subtle hints to Hanafuda. But it does give me that feeling though that these characters are not here to stay… And that I should assume the worst in the case that my predictions are right.




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