The race is on!– First Impressions: Appare-Ranman!

It’s a fictional period piece? About some drag racers in LA? In the steam era/cowboy? Sign me up, fam. It’s cute colorful and funny. I can see it speaking to the younger generation about passions and making your own road forward. Not letting anyone tell you otherwise. Also this show had me cackling, because of how crazy and quirky Appare is.

Watch the trailer

Appare is a style icon actually everyone is. The art is so clean. And these cars are niiiiiiiice. Also I ABSOLUTELY love how non-traditional Apppare is not only in his clothes but in his way of thinking. How he’s fighting against what he’s suppose to do and what his passion is. It’s like the male version to Arte, except instead of the struggle of sexism, it’s ageism. Not to say that the series does touch on both of those subjects in with a female character and racism with another.

I appreciate the soundtrack it actually matches the era of the anime.

Opening is actually very appropriate. And I swear it sounds like they are saying “F*** it” lol which is such a mood that is appropriate for this series.

Ending matches the cowboy era style.

There is something so inspiring about watching a socially awkward teen make change in lives of the people around them. In just af ew short episodes I was completely captivated and I can’t wait to see how he finishes the amazing race across 1800s-1900s America.




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