A Gift Guide for the Weebs in your life

So Star has already written a post on gifts inspired by Shoujo. She already showcased real, practical items to convey your feelings. But what if you wanted to get something…less serious and more weeby? Well, I’ve got the gift guide for that! Here’s a list of the best (worst) ideas for what to get for every Weeb in your life! Let them live their best otaku life.

For the Isekai lover…

Image result for kirito vr

Now the obvious item would be games. But I’m gonna go deeper. What this weeb needs is VR. They can immerse themselves into world’s they watched and become the protag of their own life.

Idea #2 — boob/butt mouse pads. An important part of Isekai is being surrounded by a bunch of girls (or guys). And sometimes guys. Believe me, either this is a great and useful gift (also really entertaining to watch people open in front of family).

For the Shoujo lover…

Image result for hatoful boyfriend

You can never go wrong with simple stuff (scarf, jewelry, gloves, etc.) but if you really want to stick in their mind, get a dating sim. That’s right. Let them live their best shoujo life by surrounding themselves with cute characters to date. They. Will. Love. It.

For the Shounen lover…

Image result for all might christmas sweater

You can never go wrong with the classically cringe-worthy Naruto leaf village headband.

If your weeb is into newer anime then I suggest a Christmas sweater depicting their favorite anime shounen protagonist. Like this sweater of All Might I found. Keep your weeb warm, stylish, and representing their fave MC.

For the secret weeb…

Image result for anime mug

Now for a secret weeb you need to get them something low-key. Like an everyday item you can use either at your office or home. I personally recommend a very obvious anime mug of their best waifu or husbando.

The other thing they’d appreciate is any kind of anime sword that not only represents their favorite swordsman, but is also great whenever you can’t find a knife.

For the “I’m-not-a-weeb” weeb…

Image result for kumoricon 2020

Tickets to an anime convention where they’ll have to try really hard to deny they are a weeb as they are overwhelmed by all the anime they love.

For the hikikomori weeb…

Image result for uber eats anime

Also tickets to an anime convention. If they come, it’s character development, if they don’t—they might just gift them back and you get to go.

You could also get them a gift card for uber eats. If they’re going to stay in all day, at least they can eat well.

For the mainstream weeb…

Image result for shattered angels dvd

For the mainstream weeb, you need not look far. Enter any Hot Topic or Box Lunch and you’ll find loads of appropriate gifts.

I recommend swag such as wallets or hats. Or you could buy them the most obscure anime series and gift it to them—helping them broaden their circle (get Shattered Angels #kiddingnotkidding)

For the classic weeb…

Image result for nami figurine

I don’t know. Just get them a figurine of Nami or something. Even if they don’t watch One Piece.

For the weeaboo…

Image result for mario question block

Think of the cringiest anime good you can buy at an anime convention. Got it in your mind? THAT ONE.

For any weeb…

Image result for anime  group hug

The gift of acceptance. Because any weeb should be encouraged to live their best weeby life, especially around the holidays. So don’t forget to grab a cup of hot chocolate, cuddle up by a fire with your other weeby friends, and watch some wholesome anime around the holidays together.

Til next time