Gift-giving inspired by Shoujo

(I promise there is a point to this rant.)

Why a hairpin?


Image result for kamisama kiss hairpin

I, Star, have been asking myself for years and even more so while I’m on this Shoujo kick. Why a HAIRPIN? I get it if it’s like “I wanna see the gift.” But from that far away?! All petty thoughts aside, the usage of these hairpins pictured above was a plot device. In Kamisama Hajimemashita, this hairpin quite literally meant EVERYTHING. It symbolized Nanami’s and Tomoe’s soul, heart and love separately and then for each other. In Yona of the Dawn it was the last thing she was holding on to from her old life as well as a past love. Weirdly enough, but were symbols of inner strength for these girls.

THEN THERE’S THIS GUY with his HAIR RIBBONS. I see you what you did there YUKI SOHMA.

Image result for yuki ribbon gift

I do have to give credit where credit is due and say that I love when shoujo surprises yo girl and throws in some couple’s jewelry like bracelets and rings. Call me a traditionist. But the bracelets in Say I love you represented their trials within their relationship. From the moment they appeared, they became their own characters often shining the brightest when they were together.

Image result for say i love you bracelet scene

Now it’s not completely shoujo but these parts in Boys love also help sell my point about how beautiful this is. These rings often represented the joining of their relationship. That no matter how tough the world can be that they will always have each other. Win or lose they will be there to help each other pick up the pieces. In a way, it was the end of their trials since they take place after or right before the climax of the series. In Yuri on Ice I believe the ring gave Yuri strength and confidence. While in Dakaichi it was a symbolic stand to be selfish and choice happiness and love over everything else.

Image result for yuri on ice ring scene

Image result for dakaichi ring scene mi tesoro

The boys love cooled me down, so onto the better things.

What did this teach us?

When it comes to giving your special someone a gift for any holiday just make sure it comes from the heart. That’s what it really is all about. Give them a reason and a meaning that could only come from you. Let your heart choose for once.

GOOD LUCK. (We can’t all be Yuki Sohma but we can try!)




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