Here we go again…Let’s talk about Hanabi

Remember when I, Star, went off on hairpins? I’m about to go off on Hanabi (fireworks) pun intended.

Alright we’re skipping past the pleasantries. As avid anime watchers know there are many tropes in anime and this time I’m talking about the fireworks episode. Like the beach episodes sometimes this cliche comes hand in hand, and usually this is a monumental moment of characterization or drama peak.

Emotionally the fireworks scene gets hearts beating pretty fast. There’s usually a build up of unresolved or hidden feelings that hit the fan and explode. Internally or externally. Which brings me to my first point.

Feelings understood

Not exactly a confession. (But believe me, that’s coming.) But usually feelings are confirmed on one side of the romance through the gorgeous color of the fireworks. Validation is one sided. You didn’t know that? Hm.


There couldn’t have been a better moment right? Infact it’s said to be good luck. That somehow relationships will last longer or burn brighter if you confess under fireworks. -smh- I can’t.

What did we learn?

All sarcasm aside, fireworks isn’t a bad time to shoot your shot. It’s a little of a cliche for most weebs and romance lovers. (But that’s only if they catch on.) But honestly, having an anniversary on a day where people shoot off fireworks is a pretty good idea for the future.




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