Con Crunch: Wig styling 101

Hey! Recently, Luna and I, Star, were asked to host a wig styling event! It was a quite the feat with 7 wigs for a group cosplay going as characters from Genshin Impact. It was pretty fun actually haha. Being that the group had no experience with styling wigs it was really something wild. As people arrived we sat them in a chair and got to work. Showing them how to properly put on a wig, then cutting the bangs to frame the person’s face to styling it on the wig head. Because of the masssive amount of people, 10 total and a dog, we all gathered in a garage. I’m sure everyone was covered in a thin layer of hairspray by the time we were done and here’s how we did it…

If you’re wondering, how long it took us to style 7 wigs it was about 6 hours. That’s about 51 mins per wig and about 34 mins of eating and refueling haha. Price wise the wigs could be found at about $20-30 each.

First we used a fold out table, two chairs, extension cable and a usb speaker. (Because why not lol.) We wanted to make semi-stations of sorts. For cutting and for styling.

Then we placed our tools, little scissors, sharp scissors, combs of carious sizes, clips, hair dryer, got2b hairspay, clear rubber bands, hairpins, plastic curlers, a hairdyer and a towel in the mmiddle of the table. On one side, we stacked the wig gear. Many hair caps, hair nets and plastic bags that the wigs came in. On the other side, we prepared wig heads for styling which needed long pins to keep the hair in place.

Next we guided those who who didn’t know how to put on a wig step by step. When it came to long hair, that required braiding and pining so that the hair stayed in the wig and two hair caps. With short one cap was enough. Most wigs have way to adjust the tightness in the side along the back or base of the wig. two hooks and some thin satin strips are made to hold the tightness while on someone’s head. Simple, no?

Now came wild part… Cutting. The goal is to make the hair comfortable enough to wear without effecting the style too much. So cutting an inch or so from the bangs and depending how the hair was sewn in, following the part in the wig and clipping it away from where you are trying to cut. Then use tiny toothed combs and your fingers to measure and hold the hair while you cut. Make sure to clip a towel around the person so the synthetic hair doesn’t get stuck in clothing… It’s incredibly uncomfortable lol.

Once that was done, we began to style. Placing wig after wig on the wig head and spraying it down with got2b hairspray. Got2b is one of the most intense styling hairsprays out there. When used with a hair dryer the hair isn’t going anywhere. Of course you can go much harder with wax but we weren’t trying to defy gravity that much. For the most part we used it to make points or curl the hair so it flipped out like it does on the character. We also used the hairdryer to dry it, ultimately gluing it in place. (Synthetic wigs will act differently than real hair so you can do weird things like melting to sculp. Be carefule of using a straightener. Direct heat can seriously damage a wig.)

And there you have it! Styled wigs! Since this was the first time we’ve ever been a part of something this massive as a commission we decied that everyone can just owe us food at con haha. We’ll be seeing them all there after all!




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