Well that was Unexpected! – Top 5 Anime of Fall 2019

YA’LL. December is here. The year is almost over. So I thought, what better time than now to make my fall assessment for this season? I know most things still have a few episodes to go, but I feel as though I’ve seen enough to make my judgments (unless something goes terribly wrong in any of their final episodes). And felt it is finally time to crown the last seasonal number 1 that will be moving onto be considered for best anime of the year.

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So without further ado, here are my top 5 Anime of Fall 2019—minus My Hero Academia. We all know it’s going to be good. Let’s not waste the spotlighting other good things that came out this season.

5) Kono Oto Tomare! second season

So as much as Kono Oto Tomare impressed me last time, this second season was just as impressive. This season we went more deeply into characters, romances, and even their playing. Plus best girl Kurusu finally evolved to her final form of liking our boy—which made me incredibly happy. I thought moreso than last season, this one balanced itself nicely between drama and playing. Well done

4) Sword Art Online – War of the Underworld

DAMN IT SWORD ART. You need to stop scoring on top lists. So the continuation of Alicization is actually really good in my opinion. Mainly for the lack of Kirito, or just rather that we get to focus on some other characters for once. So far it has been delightful to see Alice front and center and with Asuna joining the fray, it’s only going to get better from here. The only sad part is that best boy isn’t around anymore.

3) Babylon

Not what I was expecting…at all. By episode 3, Babylon has diverted my expectations of what this anime was going to be like and made it so much more interesting. The only complaint I had that was by the end of episode one, the character who was poised to be my favorite character died (of course). But y’know? That almost got me more invested. However, there are times in Babylon that feel tediously slow placed, which is why it sits at number three for this season.

Tied for 1st)

Hoshia no Sora

Ya’ll. Hoshia no Sora is A-MA-ZING. I know people have really been sleeping in this, and I get it. This is a sports anime about soft tennis. Sounds generic and lighthearted. This couldn’t be more wrong. This anime is a hybrid sports-drama story that deals with some pretty heavy (and potentially triggering) topics. Most of the soft tennis boys have some sort of emotional or physical abuse they suffer from at the hands of a parent. They each carry heavy burdens which just so nicely represent real-world problems that many teens face when growing up. But as upsetting as these harsh moments are, there are also very heartwarming moments in which the boys get to bond together thanks to the club. Again, this anime was not what I expected. It was so much better.


I swear that this is the season of anime that I was not expecting. I expected Beastars to be something akin to zootopia. Or at least some sort of generic romance story. Literally could not be more wrong. Again. This time instead Beastars ends up being a psycho-sexual coming of age story where herbivores have the constant fear of being devoured by carnivores. The CGI is really good, though CGI shows are admittedly hard for me to watch, and the voice acting is perfect for the characters. I think the plot is definitely interesting and keeps you watching, waiting for what’ll happen next. I believe it, along with Hoshiai no Sora, deserves to be considered in the Best Anime of the Year category. So in the first-ever tie, both shall move into the bracket and finish filling our nominations.

So there you have it. Those are the top 5 anime of Fall 2019.  Which means our anime awards will be coming in hot soon. So far our competitors for Best Anime of the Year are:

The Promised Neverland, Sarazanmai, Vinland Saga, Beastars, Hoshiai no Sora, Carole & Tuesday, Dororo, and Kimetsu no Yaiba.

Let us know which anime you think should win, and look forward to our choices in the new year!

Til next time!