Star’s Holiday Traditions

If you didn’t know already I have quite a love tradition. It stems back when I was a tiny and bored in the dead of winter deep in the mountains of Idaho. Back then, there was nothing to do except play in the snow and get lost in the woods. Eventually, I’d make it back inside soaked from the slush to find my mom baking cookies in-between boss battles of Final Fantasy 10. As plush as that sounds she didn’t let me touch her controller or her games and all I could do was watch. When I got bored of that I would go to my room and sift through the anime in my room as I waited for cookies to finish baking. As I got older I altered my traditions and now this is the list it has become.

My feel good wintertime anime

Luna and I made a pretty good list last year about Christmas episodes and series I enjoy during the snowy times of the year. But this comes to show my very archaic system of DVD collections in which I can watch on a (charge only) portable DVD player when the power goes out. Buy one on Amazon and just watch your favs on the plane when there’s no wifi and your laptop is dead. (See there is a method to my madness.)

Restarting a final fantasy game

So these games are known for taking up more than 50hrs to finish if you leisurely play through without any cheats or assists. So why not restart and all those fun cheats and assists. Dig deep to find the hidden treasures, play the plot to the biggest dungeon or temple and not cheat through, (depending on the which game you start) try to max out on levels, finish all the mini-quests etc.

Image result for ffx ps2 cover

Bake cookies

Especially with nerdy cookie cutters. Sure you could use them at any time of the year but it’s more fun to exchange them with normies and their cookies. I’m sure they weren’t expecting to have all the tropes in Star Wars this holiday season.

New Years party

Typically there’s an array of parties to choose from every year, have that be at a friend’s house or a special event at the neighborhood bar. But all in all, it’s fun to not spend New years with other people. Although don’t get me wrong I love a good solid drink with the bestie in our sweaters and PJ buttons watching the ball drop on TV.

That’s it folks! Let’s see what happens this year.




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