Luna’s Holiday Traditions

We all have traditions that are deeply ingrained in who we are. But as we age, those traditions can change, they can be added onto, or passed on to someone else. As a child, I had many traditions that were pretty much passed down. During those cold winter days, I’d be in the kitchen helping mom make tamales aplenty, or my brother and I would help her as we all decorated Christmas cookies, then we’d blast Christmas cassettes as we decorated the tree. But by morning and night, my brother and I made our own traditions as we soaked up the days when we didn’t have to go to school. I still do some of these things to this day, and now I’ve made them my own.

Video Games

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When we were younger, my brother and I would always play video games we didn’t have the time to finish during the school week. I still do this every winter break (though now I’m on break from work). Whether I’m finishing Kingdom Hearts, replaying a Tales game or Zelda, killing time playing Sims, or even just playing straight-up brawling games with my brother. I play as much as I can during my break. Oh! And then of course if ever our Christmas presents were games, then of course, my brother and I have to play them immediately. Yeah…I still do that too. Even as an adult, I’m a kid at heart.

Favorite Manga

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So for as long as I’ve been reading manga, I’ve always taken the holiday time as an excuse to re-read my favorites. Most often I read my absolute favorite manga of all time, of which I own all 26 volumes. But sometimes I read other things like Tears of a Lamb, Usotsuki Lily, or other shoujo that I enjoy. I used to be a hardcore manga reader but recently I’ve been reading less, but it still wouldn’t be the holidays if I didn’t read some sort of manga from beginning to end.


Do you remember back when you had to record episodes of shows on VHS if you missed them? Yeah well, we had to extra long because we didn’t have a DVD player FOREVER. My bro and I would tape shows that happened too early in the morning, too close to when school let out, or too late at night, and then watch them during our school breaks. Now, I don’t have to record anything anymore. But I still LOVE watching anime during break. Whether it be new series I’d been meaning to watch, or a marathon of something I love (this year it’ll be Sirius the Jaegar), I will find myself in front of the tv eventually.

The Weebsmas Tree


So this is something I picked up within the last few years. While I still enjoy decorating the family tree with my family when I can, I also now decorate my own Weebsmas tree. Basically, it’s a small fake tree that I decorate with anime keychains, trading cards, and other decorations. Every year I strive to make it even more weeb. And every night it lights up with the power of Weebsmas.

Baking Cookies

I KNOW. This is not necessarily nerdy. But it’s something that can be nerdy. For as long as I can remember, the Christmas Cookies I make, whether they be with friends or my family, end up with nerdy-looking cookies in the batch. I guess we all just get tired of making Santas and Christmas trees and eventually start making Goku’s and Sailor Moon’s. One time when we were little, my brother and I attempted to make Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura. I was very disappointed in us but it was also hilarious. Now Star and I sometimes get together to make cookies galore.

Christmas with the Fam & New Year’s with the Friends

Lastly, Christmas dinner, is, of course, spent with family. We cook up a great dinner, are encouraged to NOT wear anime swag to the dinner table, and enjoy. But I make sure to always send out Star and my other friends a Happy Holidays message. Then on New Year’s I hang out with all my nerdy friends. I used to spend NYE at home with family, playing games, but now NYE is for the family I chose for myself. Plus, let’s be real. Not everybody celebrates the same winter holiday, but all of us can look forward to a new day, and a New Year.

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