Weebsmas Wishes from Us to You

Happy 12th day of Weebsmas! Can you believe the days have gone by so fast? We’ve worked hard every day to bring some sort of otaku-related content for the holidays and hope that you’ve enjoyed everything from our anime recommendations to our rants on why hairpins are such a shoujo gift! We are eternally grateful to everyone who has kept up with this blog over the past year, and seen us through all our weird, weeby holidays. And to all of you, we want to give our wishes for a wonderful holiday season.

I hope that each and every one of you can find some kind of solace in your nerdy hobbies this holiday season. After all, holiday seasons can be so stressful. Finding gifts, having to spend time with family, spending a ‘joyful’ season by yourself–sometimes the so called happiest time of the year can be lonely. But it can also be surprisingly fun. Whether it’s just sitting around the television and watching anime with a friend, curling up under a cozy blanket to play a beloved game, or going out to find the most cringe-worthy All Might sweater for a gift, there’s plenty of ways to bring some cheer into the holidays with things that make you happy! Whether you’re alone, with friends, or with family, there’s always a way to make traditions and activities your own, and your very own special moment that you will always think fondly of and smile. And despite how cheesy and anime-protagonisty this sounds, it’s always a good thing to do things that make you smile. So when the New Year is rung in, don’t forget to start the decade with things that are fun. For instance, there’s going to be a lot of good anime starting to air, and here on YCK we’ll even be releasing our Top Anime of 2019 in the new year. So there’ll be plenty of otaku-related content to go around. But even if the things that make you happy aren’t anime, make sure to make time for them both this holiday season and just in life in general. And no matter what you celebrate, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and a fantastic New Year!

Also we decided to put together a little holiday vlog! First for everything haha

Thanks for letting me, Star vent about all the hairpins in Shoujo the support I received on that post was phenomenal haha Also thank you for humoring me as I reminisced about my childhood. I’m dead set on Japanese food for New Years now (or earlier if I can). I also might have spurred some new friendsmas parties 😉. All-in-all I can say this has been a great weebsmas. Happy Holidays and don’t forget, gifts come from the heart no matter how weeby.)


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