Representation! Characters of Color Part 2

Hey all! It’s time for another post where I showcase BIPOC characters in anime! I, Star, had a lot of fun the first time around making the post so I figured why not make it a yearly post (here’s the link to last year). I also have been asked recently to share my knowledge of anime that show representation with colored characters. This post has a lot of women this time around who are all queens in their own right. But the kings in this post are kings for eternity.


Trans Characters — Character: Inukashi (Dogkeeper) From: No. 6 ...

Is a beautiful soul of a person. Also non-binary and gender nonconforming. Completely comfortable in their own skin and as a support character is truly accepting to the people around them. Helping and legitimately supportive.


yoruichi bleach

Probably the biggest sex symbol in all of Bleach. Given her brash and aggressive reputation she is also a cat. So her behavior mirrors a cat’s. But she is also a role model, as a teacher, a fighter, and an expert in her craft she is an anime cat women of sorts.


Sirius The Jaeger, dorothea
Sirius the Jeagar

Given, her design is beautiful I particularly love that her hair is a different texture than most characters you see in anime. (But also the stylistic choices of this artists is non-conventional in terms of hair.) She is also a very skilled sharpshooter which definitely adds to her grace and her charisma.

Sailor Pluto

Hototo, Appare-Ranman on Hulu

She almost needs no introduction. But the creator explains her as the most mysterious sailor who made sense to look authentically different than the rest. Her colors in his outfit as well as he hair and slightly different skin tone. She has always been the most mature to me, the mom of the group.


Pin on \UwU/

I love this character. Special place in my heart for their loyalty and their determination. But what I want to address is the design of this character because it represents a time in America where ingenious people were often depictured as such.


Ranga, Angelic Layer
Angelic Layer

So I have some thoughts. I honestly loved this character as a preteen because she was the only colored character and her method of fighting was dancing. Looking back, the whole thing is a little awkward. The dance isn’t quite a particular style and her wielder was the EXACT opposite of her racially. In fact, I question that she was modeled after an American.


Skip from Banana Fish
Banana Fish

Taken from us too soon, her was a brave, energetic kid who was caught in the crossfire of gang activity. There’s not much to say here that haven’t been said already because his story is a well-known one. For Americans and especially colored people.

(I let Luna do this next one…)


Noe from Vanitas

Noe. What is there to say about Noe? Well, number one–he is a vampire. Number two: I love him. No, but in all seriousness Noe is probably one of my favorite manga (and now anime) characters in recent years. Not only is he super strong and fit due to his vampire nature, he has one of the most pleasant personalities ever. He honestly acts as a moral compass to Vanitas at times–both being enamored by the human and also often butting heads with him. Not to say Vanitas is entirely unmoral, but they definitely have a Sherlock/Watson vibe to them. I also love how Noe really cherishes the people close to him–including Vanitas, which means that he’ll do literally anything to protect them. His personality, earnestness–all of it make him an excellent being. And being that this is set in Paris in olden times, I really appreciate him being a character of color amidst the cast (and also being our protagonist, and honestly the best person in the entire cast). It’s not something you often see.


Krone, The Promised Neverland
Promised Neverland

Honestly, a super surprising character. From intentions to actions I couldn’t believe this character. The amount of trauma in this series in general made this character SO much more than what I could have EVER expected. I can’t. A true mastermind.


Rapper Ezekiel, Carole & Tuesday
Carole & Tuesday

This man is an icon. I mean, look at him. But what I want to highlight most is that he embodied liberation. He was the voice of the people in a political world. His presence set a tone in the series that spoke volumes for 2019 America. (Just listen to his music.)

I tried to keep it short and to the point because I didn’t want to spoil anything for you readers who haven’t seen these Anime yet. But I also want you all to create your own opinions of these characters and why they exist in the forms that they do. Have it be intentional of the creators or not, they all mean something.




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