Weebsmas Day 12: Another Weebsmas Carol to You- Weebsmas Belles

On the 12th day of Weebsmas, your best girls give to you — Another Weebsmas Carol from us to you.

Weebsmas Carols

Okay so please do not take the fact that I just rhymed you with you as a testament to my lyric-writing ability. Because today, on Weebsmas eve, I’m coming at you with our final Weebsmas gift to you, and that is yet another carol for you to sing on these weeby winter nights. Last year we made our own version of 12 Days of Christmas, but this year we decided to play off another classic: Jingle Bells. Mind you, no. I did not do the full song because I honestly never knew it past the first verse! So, I hope you all really enjoy our next Weebsmas classic: Weebsmas Belles.

Dr. Stone

Watching Dr. Stone

But it’s not finished anyway

Deciding it’s just a no

And switching to a different anime.

Spy x Family

Maybe watching Spy x Family,

Or watching a really anime fight,

It’s fun no matter what you see,

So just have weeby time tonight! 

Jujutsu Kaisen

Oh, Weebsmas Belles, Weebsmas Belles

Weeb for all the day.

Oh, what fun it is to cry

Thanks to a fictional anime!



Weebsmas Belles, Weebsmas Belles,

Be a weeb all day!

Oh what fun Weebsmas is,

When you watch your favorite anime!

I know that was probably like the cheesiest friggin song but just you wait for the rest of our Weebsmas album! There is a song in my head that just can’t wait to get out next year. I really hope you enjoyed these last 12 days of Weebsmas. It was a lot of fun for us to write some of these and go where we never have before! And now, though I hate to say it. We will be taking a break from blogging for the rest of 2022 as we prepare ourselves for even more content in the new year! But for now, I hope we made you feel a little more seen over the past year, and I hope you all enjoy you day. Because whether you celebrate Christmas, Yuletide, Hannukah, Festivus, or none–we can all come together and celebrate and enjoy Weeby culture together.

We’ll see you in the new year.

Stay weebtastic,



Luna & Star


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