First impression: Futo PI

Alright so I, Star, am going to start with, neither of us had ever seen a Kamen Rider ANYTHING. We only knew of it but didn’t actually watch a single episode or movie. Personally, I only know of one Kamen Rider season because an actor I recognized from another show was playing the main dude in it. It’s weird because that actor was in a live-action BL they didn’t let him kiss the other actor on screen because of censorship due to his involvement with Kamen Rider. Who knew Kamen Rider was like the Disney channel. (Actually, I think Disney is a little more lax, LOL.) Anywho, let’s get to why I think this whole thing is interesting.

So given this is not just my first impression of Futo PI, but my first impression of Kamen Rider I have a lot to say. I wanna start with, I know this anime is definitely not the average Kamen Rider season. This is anime is not a kid-friendly show by Japanese standards and most Kamen Rider seasons are. But I think that may be due to the live-action vs. anime perspective we have going. This anime from right out the gate has gore, sex appeal and suggestive language, which already screams that this is for an older audience.

The main premise is about two Private Investigators, one who is a gambler and the other who is very analytical. Together they share a secret of becoming the city’s Kamen Rider, a mystical fighter of justice that they control together by one body and two consciousnesses. Essentially they merge and one goes unconscious. They have devices that control the ability to split and merge which gives them power. (But if you’re asking me one detective actually has feelings for the other, unknown, unrequited, closeted feelings that they need to work out. Which is definitely not kid friendly for Japan’s television.) They also have a god-like character who runs around scantily clad, a quirky front desk worker who says she’s married to a cop character.

Art-wise, it’s got a liking to shine and detail. Personally, I think the character design could be better. The monsters can be a bit phallic but the colors and bright.

Music-wise the ending has a cute dancing theme. The opening I don’t

Upon further research, it’s apparently a stage play already.

And all this stems from a season from 2009 called Kamen Rider W (pronounced “double”).

So I’m going to need to sit with this for a while.



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