Representation! Characters of Color Part 3

Hey! To celebrate Juneteenth which is an American thing for those of you that are not in the US. It’s to celebrate the liberation of slaves which happened two years after our civil war. I could go into a full history but that’s not why you’re here… ANYWAYS here we go! These are the characters that stood out to me this year, in terms of popularity, design and some honorable mentions.


Don’t Toy with my Nagatoro-san!

I don’t condone bullying but I was excited to see a main character with their name in the title as a darker skinned female! (Not the first in history but definitely worth mentioning). She’s confident, spirited and somewhat a bully.



Again another character of color that is in the title. But this time a samurai tale! If there was a black samurai… One of my favoirte concepts and twists on historical fictions in general but even better that it’s an anime.

Eve Louise

Visual Prison

So they are a vampire hunter turned vampire turned pop star due to repentance of going against their religion and becoming a “monster”… There’s subtext definitely queer subtext there if you’re picking up what I’m putting down.


Summer Rendering

I don’t know a whole lot about Mio, other than she’s very considerate and loves the people she cares about. Given we spend a lot of the time seeing her grieve she has a warm energetic personality.

Shiori Suna

Aquatope of White Sand

This character reminds me of a bucket of sunshine. Literally nothing can rain on her parade. She’s one of the most optimistic characters in the show with such a caring sou and a big heartl. The white plumeria in her hair and medium complextion reminds me of what island kids call “the island tan”.

Mermaid Sisters

Carole & Tuesday

Um, probably one of the best surprises in Carole & Tuesday. They are triplets that sing one of the best songs in the competition and by far swept the nation even though their appearance was definitely less than 10 mins.

Merik Ishtar


The most difficult egypitian man to find appropriate pics for LOL. He (like most main characters in Yugioh) has a flipside that’s wild and crazy to his very chill and laidback crop top wearing casual side.

Lily Lipman

Birdie Wing

Probably one fo the most supportive caddies out there, she is ethnically ambiguous and full of energy! although her time on the show was short she did claim a main role for a while.

Gatty Nenehawk

Saiyuki Reload -Zeroin-

Is an incredibly strong-willed character who’s sense of loyalty and respect runs so deep it literally killed him and kept him alive, calling it his life’s purpose even. He’s also a full native American character who follows a sort of unholy priest in his travels. (tl;dr) He’s a very honorable character with a tragic story.

Sharrkan Amun-Ra


Honestly, very surprised I didn’t spotlight him sooner! He’s one of Sinbad’s eight powerful generals and a great swordsman. He use to be a prince in his home country but he was exiled and stripped of his title. But I think he’s happier being free on the seas.

If you missed the other years and want to see more representation in anime posts click here!




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