Doki Doki Days 5 – Best Boy & Best Girl

Hello and welcome back to Doki Doki Days! Can you believe that finally five days into Doki Doki Days? That means it’s nearly over! I hope you guys have been having fun reading about all kinds of love and love-related topics. Today, I’m going to be just calling out the best boy and best girl from last year. But I don’t mean the best boy and girl in terms of the anime awards (you know when I say boy and girl have to be under the age of 18), I mean like best boy and best girl in terms of looks and personality.

So my choice for Best Girl for 2022 in personality and looks is none other than Shikimori from Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie! Now, it feels like no competition here because Shikimori was a complete powerhouse of a girl. She was absolutely breaking down all the gender norms in her show by being both extremely cute and extremely handsome and cool. She could blush at the smallest compliment but also roundhouse kick someone who was trying to come for you. She makes your heart go doki doki no matter your gender. I want her as my girlfriend AND my boyfriend. The way she would kabedon you would be absolutely out of this world. But no, in all seriousness, the thing I really liked about her (and her boyfriend for that manner) was that they both went out of their way to actually make the other feel loved. Yes, she was a cute girl but that didn’t stop her from having the urge to not just want to be protected but also to protect her love. That in itself is incredibly swoon worthy. It felt like such a mature way of looking at love–and it felt so incredibly equal in the manner that they both treated the other as no lesser than the other. It wasn’t ‘oh they are so weak, I must protect them’. No, the thought was: ‘I love him. I must protect him.’

Now for Best Boy of 2022, I had to go with my heart and say Claude from I’m the Villainess so I’m Taming the Final Boss. Now, this man is everything I want. While not as powerhoused as Shikimori in the ‘he can do both’ realm, what he really is that’s oustanding is a complete and utter gentleman. He’s sweet and powerful, playful but serious, cold and yet warm. He’s honestly the perfect love interest. I watched him and thought to myself–how can you NOT love him? Claude even had a tragic backstory and all means should have felt more like a villain but was misunderstood simply for being the demon lord. He was 10/10 better than the so-called main character from the game. Even when, spoiler alert, Claude loses his memory, he becomes more adorable than anything else. Like, he becomes this pure boy who gets flustered around the main character because she’s so forward and trying to get him to remember her. He never does a 360 where he hates her and all of demonkind, even when others try to manipulate him. Which all just goes to show he has a naturally caring nature. So yeah. He can try to make me cry any day.

So, it certainly wasn’t the longest post in the world but I really hope you enjoyed it nonetheless! Who was your best boy/best girl of last year? I would really like to know why. Otherwise, I hope you enjoyed this short and sweet installment of Doki Doki Days! We have just two more days before it’s over! Crazy how time flies. Til next time!

Stay weebtastic,




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