First Impressions – Heroines Run the Show!

Welcome back to Otaku Thursday! Spring is just going by in a flash. I feel like we’ve only just started this season and it’s already almost halfway over! Maybe part of this speed is the quality of shows we have this season–with many great titles. There’s a lot of anime Star and I were really into from the get-go, but today I’m going to talk about something that only started to get really good–or at least in our opinion–and that is Heroines Run the Show!

So Heroines Run the Show or as I first knew it, The Unpopular Girl and the Secret Task, is a show about a relatively unpopular teen girl who’s not very pretty but has a heart of gold. No really, that’s one of the best ways to describe her. Anyway, this girl is a go-getter, she was a runner who was competing on the team (from what I understand), but she needed to make money. Cue her trying to get a part-time job which ended her up as an assistant manager for a boy band group. Then, in a perfectly natural course of events for an anime, the boy band she began to help manage was made up of two individuals from her school that were–of course–extremely popular, but who didn’t like her at all. Needless to say, the first whole episode was entirely predictable, as too do I think the whole series will be. It’s something I’ve seen in other anime before and it’s a tried and true formula that works. It works fairly well here too.

To be honest though…I feel like a lot of this anime is same old, same old. Even the characters, while enjoyable–because don’t get me wrong, Star and I do like this anime– are tropes we’ve seen before. In fact, almost immediately we thought that the two main boys Yujiro and Aizo were very much like Kyo and Yuki from Fruits Basket. Didn’t really get along but could get along. It was like watching them from season 3 of Furuba, only they were idols now. So yeah, of course we liked these two because their dynamic was familiar but also interesting to watch. Meanwhile our MC Hiyori…felt like a character we’ve seen so many times before that it’s hard to pinpoint just one character she’s like. Instead we were like, “oh my kami, we know someone like that. Oh my kami, Hiyori is just truly the stand-in for every average person watching this.” However, there is one thing I appreciate about our MC a lot–and that’s her attitude of getting things done. She’s driven in a way that is impressive–in a way where she knows what she wants and do anything to get at it, even knowing the disadvantages and limitations she has. She’s not shy–despite being unpopular, which is kind of refreshing. Other people may call her unpopular, but she don’t give a damn. Altogether, not an outstanding cast, but also a good one. And you just know their relationship is going to grow and their friendship will strengthen and it’ll be really cute. Now, there’s also a chance that homegirl is going to get with one of the boys (if either, my money is on the blonde who is averse to girls), but I personally hope this show instead focuses away from romance and more on solidfying relationships and how they help each other.

I will also say that while nothing stands out in particular in terms of story, animation, etc. — there are two things about this anime that really and I mean REALLY gets us. The first is the music. Like those LipxLip songs are actually really catchy. So, they got us there. And the second thing is just that it is SO nice to see characters dedicated so hard to something. Despite everything, all three MC’s are really driven in what they are doing and it makes it…really inspiring actually. Which is not something we were expecting from this show. It’s refreshing in a way. It makes it really worth watching for us.

So, would I recommend it over all? Yeah. You know, it’s not bad at all so I can safely say why not? If you like pretty boys, idols, dedication, and comedy/romance/dramas, then yes. Do it. I think you’ll enjoy yourself. Will it be amazing? No. Will it be your favorite anime? Probably not. But it will be a good time.

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