Happy children’s day!

So to keep it simple, the anime listed here mainly cover a cast of preteens from various genres but each story carries the spirit of youth transforming into a bright future. For those of you who have been watching anime for a while, some of these will be familiar to you. Without giving too much away I will write brief blurbs on each one I plan to spotlight this time around.

Promised Neverland

Although this story is definitely in a seinen category it is a survivalist anime about the bridge between the naivete of children and the maturity of adulthood.

Card Captor Sakura

This anime needs no introduction but I figure I add it to this list as a heartwarming story of a young magical girl with a true heart of gold.

Abenobashi no Aracde

Underneath the bat shit crazy plots of the first few episodes, it’s a story about two kids parting ways and their town’s history that goes back generations in their families.

Hare & Guu

Is just a wild story of two kids and their family in the jungle messing around.

Kodomo no Omocha

A young child idol juggles her schedule on-screen and off-screen.

Old, new, and remade! Depending on the kiddo they can find comedy, meaning, adventure, thrill and love in these precious series that are so dear to my heart.




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