Play that weeby music fanboy – Top 5 Anime Openings of Summer 2019

Happy Otaku Thursday! Luna here with another installment of top five anime openings, and this time we’re looking at the summer season. While as of yet, I’m still dipping my toe into the anime’s of the season, I have meticulously listened to all the openings and chosen my top five, though let me tell you once I got down to like seven, it was incredibly difficult. But without further ado, get some headphones, stand yourself up for some dancing, and get ready to jam to these top 5 openings of Summer 2019.


Honorable Mention:


Uchuu no Kioku by Maaya Sakamoto

The opening of BEM made just barely didn’t make it on the official top five, but I thought it deserved to be mentioned. This jazzy tune along with the dark visuals of the opening make for this really beautiful feel to the opening. But the visuals just get a little too hyped at the end for the kind of song they paired with it.

5) Given

Kizuato by Centimillimental

Just as BEM almost made the list, Given almost didn’t make the list. While the song is really brilliant, the visuals are a tad lacking. But the reason Given made the list while BEM didn’t was due to the fact this anime is about music and the opening decided to use the instruments that the characters play to compose it. Not only is this a perfect fit for the show, but near the end of the opening, we see the character playing in time with their instruments in the song itself. Plus the visuals, while not stunning, certainly edge at the drama edging beneath the surface of this anime.

4) Fire force

Inferno by Mrs. Green Apple

To be totally honest, this was not the kind of opening I was expecting Fire Force to have, but I really enjoy it! Honestly, the song is extremely catchy, and the bright colors and wonderfully flowing animation make this a complete to just treat. Somehow this opening managed to create a shounen vibe that also had summer feels in the beat of the song. But also look total badass. Like I don’t really know what to say about this opening. It’s not doing anything super stunning or super unique, but it’s like SO good. Plus this honestly looks like it’s going to be a great anime.

3) Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo yo

Otome-domo yo  by CHiCO with Honeyworks

This is honestly the most refreshing opening I’ve heard in a while. The song is just plain lovely, and overlaying the voices of the characters over it during the first musical break was honestly so surprising but welcome. They almost add to how good the song is. The visuals are great too. I’m in love with the images of the characters standing in that open water under a blue sky, all turned towards each other, as well as the different color overlays they throw on some of the scenes. The sparkles also make this fun to watch and overall just such a delightfully youthful and fun opening.

2) Vinland Saga

MUKANJYO by Survive Said The Prophet

This made me happy cry. This was so close to being my favorite opening, but I also had to take into account that this show is just a combination of a lot of things I love so I may be biased. After all, it combines vikings and Survive Said the Prophet all in one opening. Like it honestly couldn’t get better than that for me. I love the fact that this opening is catchy but also collapses in screamo towards the end. For some reason, that really invoked the viking spirit to me, and it was greatly appreciated. I have a feeling I’m going to be listening to this a lot (but I mean, c’mon it’s Survive Said The Prophet—you have to).

1)­­‍‍‌‌‌‌‌‌ To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts

Sacrifice by Mafumafu

So the reason why I picked this as my number one opening is that this is the one opening from the ENTIRE season that actually made me want to watch the anime it was associated with. That’s to say, I didn’t want to watch this anime but now I actually think I’ll give it a try. Not only do the visuals match up brilliantly with this amazing song by Mafumafu, but they also seem to be telling a solid story. A story that I am now interested in seeing how it reflects in the anime. I’m also a fan of this animation and love the crows in the opening that I’m assuming represent death. This is dark, exciting, and actually got me hyped for a show I had no interest in, so this is my number one opening.

So there you have it! These are my top picks! Now I can continue watching this season’s anime and start getting into reviews next week. What anime from this season would you like to see me review? Let me know in the comments!

Til next time!






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