Sakuracon 2019

We are tired fam. This year was insane. All our blogging plans went out the door (sorry buds). Better late then never right? 😉

Here is the play by play of this year’s Sakuracon trip!

Day 0

We split into two cars.



Which made traveling and baggage a lot easier with more drivers to take turns and more space for stuff. We then met up for lunch at Jollibee’s and went to the Disney store. (Big mistake haha 😂)

Once we arrived in Seattle, half of us went to the staff training and the other half got their badges. Followed by a birthday dinner for our Best Shit, aka Luna.


We worked on cosplay pretty much all day and all night. We watched Big hero 6 and did face masks.


Day 1

Started off easy. We got ready in the morning and left at different times. In-between shifts we were able to take pics of our secret cosplay. That we had been working on for months and managed to pull together in the last minute.

When night time came around we were so tired. (We probably should have eaten more but can’t roll back the clock now HAHA.)


We found ways to entertain ourselves. And more importantly, we were suffering together lol 😂


Day 2

Was the halfway point of our trip. We woke up even more tired than the night before but we trekked forward. And we finally got to the vendor’s hall. Where we took these photos in our Violet Evergarden cosplays.

Then night rolled around again and this was the most hectic night for all of us. The stress was through the roof, it was a Saturday, and 4-20. So the weebs we’re out and they were cross-faded and puking everywhere. We all had our hands full running around the main events hall dealing with fire after 🔥. But before any of that, we went to a concert and it was a good one.


Day 3

By this day we were nearly dead. If it wasn’t for make-up we would have looked like zombies. But we made it out of bed and Luna and I put on our last cosplays. Visual kei styled Aggretsuko Retsuko and Fenneko.We spent a whole lot of money on merch and food and barely slept the whole weekend. All for the love of con. At least we survived, right?


Star 💩


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