Otaku Thursday: Top 5 Endings of Summer 2019…as told in one sentence each


Guess who’s back? Back again. Luna’s back—tell a friend…that if they came here for a weekly review they will have to wait longer. While I’m working on a more in-depth post for next week, I decided to give my mind a break and do a nice and simple top 5 ending songs for summer 2019 anime. Because that’s easy (she says, dead inside as she listens to hours worth of anime endings over and over and eliminates the one by one). So without further ado, let’s get into the top five anime endings songs that I still enjoyed after the umpteenth time of listening to them! And to make this easier (kidding this made this WAY harder), I thought I’d keep my reasonings for them in under one sentence (of course that sentence could both be a run-on and include parenthesis).

5) One Step Closer by Intersection,  Fruits Basket

I found myself humming this one day on the way to work and spent all day trying to remember it was from Fruits Basket since the visuals that go along with it aren’t memorable but the tune itself is apparently unforgettable and damn catchy.

4) Not Afraid by Alisa, Carole & Tuesday

Despite feeling wishy-washy on Angela’s character, even I can’t deny that her ending song might be even better than the first ending as it provides more interesting and darker visuals as well as completely different kind of music than we’re used to.

3) Glow at the Velocity of Light by Riko Azuna, Kanata no Astra

The piano that begins this opening is EVERYTHING and for some reason whenever I hear this song, I get both happy but also kind of want to cry (so beautiful).

2) Torches by Aimer, Vinland Saga

Aimer absolutely NAILED the more celtic-highland-folk sound in this ending and it just goes so beautifully with the visuals that it creates a near-perfect ending theme for an amazing anime.

1) Parole by Sajou no Hana, Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator

Once again Sajou no Hana impresses me with an absolutely banging song that pairs nicely with the moody tone set out by the ending of this anime.

How’d I do with explaining my reasoning with one sentence? It was SUPER hard. But what about all of you? What were some of your favorite ending themes from this season? Or even better, which ones did you HATE  (my least favorite comes from an anime that rhymes with scary fail)? Let me know in the comments or feel free to send a message my way to chat!

Til next time!





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