Nerdy Communities and where to find them- they’re out there

Heyo everyone! Luna and I were recently asked a question that we have never had the chance to answer before. So what better way to answer then to write a blog about it.

Let’s talk about those awkward moments that happen to some of us every day. We see a weeb, a fellow nerd across the room or on the bus, we recognize a pin on a backpack or even a symbol on a wallet of the person in front of us at the store. And you completely get it. It’s a moment that happens so fast it catches you off guard. And for those of you who don’t see it everyday, it’s like finding a lost sibling. Some sort of invisible tether that connects you and this stranger together.

For those of us that see this happen often, we’ve normalized it. It’s natural to see a person in cosplay at the mall or walking down the street. We understand what’s happening and we accept that. Normies might think it’s weird and some of us might not openly admit that they too are nerds of some kind.

So, where can you find your nerdy community? (Let’s not say the obvious for the sake of everything.)

Rare events like, foreign musicians throwing a concert or pop up mini-conventions become little nests of nerds, fangirls and fanboys crawling out of their little hideyholes to celebrate and go free.

Or common themed nights at local bars or movie premieres are all great ways to meet other alike nerds. Put on your fandom swag, relax and have a good time. They are all just people too.

It’s been real, see ya next week!




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