Cosplay Discounts

Welcome to the beginning of the cosplay season! Let me begin by saying that, Luna and I are all about sales and discounts. Because we, like the rest of our generation, are BROKE. But every month we put money aside for our favorite hobby. Cosplay shoes are not cheap. But on Black Friday $70 thigh … More Cosplay Discounts

Kumoricon 2018

Holy shit, you guys. This year was intense. From a staffing stand point there was a lot of juggling but somehow we made it happen. From Day 0 it was a whirlwind and by the last day we were about to pass out standing up. With about 6-9 hours of sleep for the entire weekend … More Kumoricon 2018

Halloween Town

Hey everyone have you ever been to Halloween town? It is quite the drive from Portlandia but this trip has been on my bucket list since I learned that the very town they filmed it was only 1hr and a half away from my very home. The event itself is designed to celebrate the oh-so-spooktacular … More Halloween Town

Pumpkin patch

It’s adventure time! This week we went to the pumpkin patch, (which was a different farm then apple picking). It was pretty fun once we got to the picking. Strolling through giant boxes of squash and pumpkins. There were stacks of hay that had more pumpkins on display, for those who didn’t want to walk … More Pumpkin patch