PDX Book Festival 2018

Hey y’all it’s Star!

So this was a super enlightening experience for writers of any kind. We got to be a part of this inspiring community of writers and listen to them speak about the future. Personally, I was so surprised and enthused to see so many teens gather together to celebrate upcoming literature.

The book festival really brought some things to light for me, as a writer of multiple avenues and styles. After spending so much time writing blogs it’s hard to get back into writing fiction. (Which is where Luna and I both began.) Luckily we found a way to entertain each other and continue our practice as fiction writers and create creative content.

With any project, we have to have patience.

  • Faith that it will be beneficial for our future.
  • That we learn from our mistakes and achievements to push ourselves forward.
  • Listening and being around people who have felt the same artistic struggles.
  • And I honestly, think we all need that kind of validation.

So with that being said, I think it’s time we all touch base with what inspired us to do what we do.




Who knew so many authors start off as weebs. 😂

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