Pumpkin patch

It’s adventure time!

This week we went to the pumpkin patch, (which was a different farm then apple picking).

It was pretty fun once we got to the picking. Strolling through giant boxes of squash and pumpkins. There were stacks of hay that had more pumpkins on display, for those who didn’t want to walk out to the fields.

The fields were the best part, in my opinion. Some pumpkins were still on the vine and some were beginning to rot. So it was a lot to sift through but that’s the fun part about picking anyways haha.

The booths were cash only but they had two ATMs for us to use and $20 was enough for food and a pumpkin. Pricing was surprisingly not by pound but by size. Our pumpkins were under $10.


I haven’t paid $10 for a pumpkin EVER. I guess that’s what you get for buying pumpkins the week of Halloween buuuuut small details.

Anyways go out there and pick some pumpkins!




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