Life is hard for an Otaku: Convention Life

Soon will be the busiest part of our year with Turkey and Black Friday shopping comes, cosplay season. It will be the busiest season yet. But with careful planning we’ll be able to get everything done on time. We hope.

You’d think that juggling a full time job plus cosplay plus convention staffing, plus vacation cons would be a struggle and I mean… You’re not wrong.

I’m not here to lie to you, this shit is hard to schedule. How do we have time to eat? Sleep? Watch anime? Multi-tasking and reminders. And yes it is NOT HEALTHY TO FORGET TO EAT. But that’s what stress eating ice-cream after sewing a piece inside out is for.

As much as we curse ourselves for having such an expensive pass time we also are addicted to this way of life. It’s strangely invigorating. There’s the:

Artistic aspect

Which helps take away some of the mundane stresses of everyday life.

But there also the,

Empowerment effect

Of become a beloved character. (Cosplay magically transfers a lot of their sass into the real world.)

Then there’s,


The ability to follow through on a plan.

And lastly,


Being able to be someone you aren’t for just a weekend.

All of these reasons help fuel our fire every cosplay season. Once we’re in it, it’s like a weekend long party with people you love and admire. It’s a lot of energy and excitement, which I admit, can be overwhelming at times. But there’s also something truly incredible about the whole experience of showing off your work and fangirling over other cosplays that really brings the whole experience back down to earth.

Because under all that make-up and foam armor, we’re just passionate people being true to ourselves and embracing the culture that is convention life.

Now here’s the secret to affording all this magic…


Staffing is a great way to see the con and wear your cosplay at the SAME TIME. We are long time staffers of Kumoricon and Sakuracon to which case, we’ve built families and support groups throughout the years. It’s a particular kind of niche being that it’s behind-the-scenes but it is also a great way to give back and support the event that allows you to be your true authentic self. We couldn’t be more proud of being staff and we hope that more people join us in our mission to keep bring weebs out of their otaku caves.



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