Cosplay Discounts

Welcome to the beginning of the cosplay season!

Let me begin by saying that, Luna and I are all about sales and discounts. Because we, like the rest of our generation, are BROKE. But every month we put money aside for our favorite hobby.

Cosplay shoes are not cheap. But on Black Friday $70 thigh highs become $20. Crazy right?

Now sadly, fabric discounts have turned to everyday specials so there wasn’t a point to really trekking to the store. But we couldn’t help ourselves. It’s time to get serious.

This year we have our work cutout for us in terms of being seamstresses. So I imagine we’ll have many trips to the fabric store. And with new cosplays, comes new strategies to get everything done in time. Especially since we’ve added 4 more people to dress. But this time we will concentrate on our own cosplays first and follow through with everyone else’s afterward. If we start now we’ll have 5 months to prepare!

Luckily for us we are one step closer to done with cosplay shopping thanks to Black Friday. With this last haul we successfully completed buying all the fabric we will need for our first group cosplay of the season!


We’re keeping our cosplays a surprise for now but you’ll know a little bit more with every progress post!




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