Throwback Thursday: Sakuracon 2017

Written by: Star

This post is long overdue BUT we went to Sakuracon!

For those of you who don’t know, Sakuracon is the biggest convention in the Northwest part of the US. It’s hosted in Seattle and this year happened to be the 20th anniversary.

We have been going to Sakuracon as a group for 3 years, sharing hotel rooms and dancing the nights away only to get up super early for panels and staffing in the mornings. Being part of such a nerdtastic venture filled our derpy needs till  Portland’s (used to be summer con) Kumoricon.

More importantly it allowed us to practice and hone our skills in crafting and costuming. Being the broke millenials that we are, we learned to work on a budget to fit a timeframe. Which helps when it comes to creating our own video projects.

Selfies in Cosplay—yeah we’re on that train

If you’re worried don’t be.

We’re just having an existential crisis.


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