Voltron Season 6

Written by: Star

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Voltron ceases to disappoint me. It’s done a wonderful job of appealing to audiences crossing generations. Giving “Avatar”esk influences bringing in the millennials with the iGen we are thoroughly entertained. I did think that this season seemed a bit rushed with all the high stakes and not enough time with the group as a whole. I’m missing those good old team Voltron days.

So it’s hard not to talk about spoilers, so this review will have spoilers.


Let’s talk about the DnD filler episode 😀 I laughed so hard. Just by the characters they chose to play in their game it was like looking in the mirror. I think it was a technique to bring the audience EVEN CLOSER to the characters. And to DnD. It’s like asking which one of the voltron characters are you as a DnD player? I feel like I was a lot like Shiro on things like Gaia. It’s just a virtual me that has a bigger closet. But now I’m like Allura. It’s all about living a different life that still looks like me? haha But mostly surviving on luck. Awesome outfits, magic quiver, but mostly luck.

Speaking of Allura, Lotorlotorlotorlotor. WTH. He’s crazy. Y’all we all knew he was crazy but like….. o  w O That was something. He’s just God Lotor hording a bunch of Alteans on some random planet far far away. “But I love you Allura, let’s get married. Make mixed babies.” UMMM OKAY????! GIRL SEE THE LIGHT. HE’S CRAZY. LANCE IS TRYING TO SAAAVE  YOUUUU. I think Allura needs a sassy gay friend to tell her when her goggles are too thick. Please and thank you.

Shiro. Oh Shiro. Shiro my shiro. Where art thou my Hero Shiro. HE DEAD. BEEN DEAD. We all knew it and didn’t want to believe it. It was too much for our little hearts. Especially Keith. Keith didn’t need that. And those clones….. whyyyyyy….?

Keith. Baby Keith. He left as a boy, returned a son and proud pet owner. The future that awaits him will be incredible. Will Keith step into the black lion again? Or will he back out again? Now is his time.

And now the castle is gone? I mean Earth is good, that raises the stakes for sure. I’m so curious to see where this is going to go. Allura is homeless, Pitch gets family time, Hunk gets Earth food, Lance gets to hit on everyone again, possibly healing Allura’s broken heart, Keith helps Shiro find himself again. This will be wild.


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