Con Crunch WEEK & Armor making

Let me first introduce the term…

“Con crunch week” is what we call the week right before any con. It’s where we struggle to finish any last minute cosplay detailing. It’s super stressful but with a team you can divide and conqueror. This time we rallied our troops (The K-squad, their introduction post is coming soon).

Funnily enough, it isn’t always procrastination that gets in the way of putting our cosplays together. This year we learned a very valuable lesson.

Never underestimate the time it takes for Armor to be made.

Each step took a certain amount of time to accomplish. One hour turned into two, which turned into a day and just like that, a week goes by.

This year we amped our game and attempted armor for the first time. It was fun working every Saturday for hours but it was intense. After all that, I can officially say you don’t know someone useless you’ve wrapped them in saran wrap and cut duct tape from their body. And I mean that in the least kinkiest way possible haha.



Armor making is a process. Below I’ve listed some instructions.


You saran wrap the part of your body you want to mold the armor to. But not too tight because you lose inches when you cut the foam. (We learned that the hard way and ended up adjusting a thigh piece and an arm.)


Then use small pieces of duct tape and stick it to the saran wrap. (The longer the tape the harder it is to create a smooth surface without the tape sticking to itself.)


Draw the armor piece on the duct tape which is now on your body. (I’d like to note that we used 2 rolls of saran wrap, 2 rolls of duct tape, 2 rolls of thin foam and a 4 pack of sharpies.)


Carefully free yourself from the saran wrap by cutting it away. (It’s okay to cut the pattern you drew because you can tape it back together, duh. And don’t forget to label which piece is what.) Then trim the armor pattern down so there is no excess duct tape or saran wrap.


Trace the pattern onto foam and cut it out.


Use a heat gun to curve the foam, sand paper to smooth down the edges, and paint cautiously. Use strong glue, like contact cement to attach it together if needed.

Fumes are bad for you, I don’t care how much you want to be high.


Anyways story time! Here’s what our Day 0 was like:

After getting 3 hours of sleep, we had one last mission to find a bedazzler, before we left for the train station. Half of us left and the other half stayed cleaning and packing the last of the pieces together.

Then we called the Uber and headed over not realizing that we left one luggage behind (It happened to be the entire Lotor cosplay). We were halfway to the train station when we realized and it was too late to turn back. We called in for a special favor to deliver the last of our luggage to Seattle. Luckily is made it there only a few hours after we arrived. (We paid them back in alcohol so all is good 😉 )

Our train ride was pleasant, we met up with a few other friends and boarded the train. There was a quick crying session, a release of sorts, from stress and exhaustion but we made it with no delays. After signing into the hotel we headed to the staff meeting.

Lotor armor


Lesson to be learned is we aren’t pros. We’ll always be students of the craft, learning more and challenging ourselves with every project we take on.

Don’t worry it’s just a little case of existential crisis.


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