Everyone has these thoughts of dropping everything, jumping on a plane and exploring the world.

I think it’s because we’re all still trying to find ourselves in the world.

We suffer through the mounds of coffee ground dust and mountains of paperwork to endure the next day of mundane activity. But at the end of the day we step away and start dreaming. We strip off our blazers and aprons to get into our weeby pjs and convention t-shirts to slay demons in the body of a sleepy prince or watch hours of good (or really bad) writing on netflix.

Everyday we try to live our best weeb life and these tiny moments is the best we can do. But as we drown in the tsunami that is work we catch ourselves dreaming a life free of mundane chains. A life where we can live our best weeb lives. Traveling all over the country going to conventions and writing. Then traveling and experiencing the world eating, drinking, writing and cosplaying.

Yeah, the dream.

We gon live that dream.


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